3 months!

Saturday, August 17, 2013
My Princess is three months old today. I'm trying not to be a super sap as I write this, but I can't. Looking back at last month, Ava is a completely different baby (as far as development goes) I'd mentioned in previous posts how she was sleeping through the night (that continues to happen) She can hold her own hand, shake her rattle, move from one side of the tummy time mat to the other. The list goes on. Some of my favorite Ava essentials this past month would have to be
Ava's Bumbo. She has great head control, this floor seat just helps her sit up right. She loves it! We always place it on a flat surface and we make sure Ava is buckled in! This seat has become one of our daily activities for Princess A. 

This next LOVE of mine was actually a gift from Ava's Great Aunt. I'd seen these before, but hadn't thought to purchase. Ava was already going down to sleep just fine with her cloud b giraffe. This SoundSpa Lullaby has a projection for baby. Ava loves watching the Cows jump over the moon. The stars, and the fish disc. There are different discs with different images that appear on the wall from the projection! It's so fun. Princess A coo's at the images ALL THE TIME. It also has a sounds feature. The ocean, heartbeat, etc. It's like a 2 in 1 soother. Perfect for her restless nights. 
It's become a rare occasion, giving Ava a bottle. When we do, we use Playtex Ventaire. It was designed for babies switching between breast and bottle or transitioning from breast to bottle feeding. We tried Avent bottles with Ava. The bottles that had the "like nipple" feature, wasn't a hit with her. I thought she was just struggling (because of the bottle transition) turns out she just didn't like them. These bottles are great! Easy to clean. (I NEVER put anything in the dishwasher) I always hand wash everything. They never have residue, and Ava can feed from them like a champ! 

Another item I have come to love would be bibs. Princess A has become such a drool baby lately. Apparently it's in large part to her producing more saliva than she can swallow. Fun fact about drool is that Ava's drool coats toys and other objects with disease-preventing proteins.

Everything with my sprout has been great. I am back to feeling like my old self (I have for some time now) I'm happy, I'm active, and I've gotten a lot better about taking my sprout out places. I'm stoked Ava doesn't have to go for another round of shots until next month. I am excited to see how much she weighs and if she's gotten any longer! 

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