My Challenge

Friday, September 20, 2013
The weather in Georgia is slowly starting to get colder (thank sweet baby Jesus) This means a lot more outdoor activities will be taking place in my home. I hate feeling like I can't go on a walk because it's 90 degrees out and one hundred percent humid. That kind of weather isn't great for baby wearing and definitely isn't great for my four month old.

Every time I log into one of my accounts on a networking site, one of the things I am bound to see is an image, a quote, something pertaining to physical fitness. I have nothing against people who are overly invested in being physically fit, however, I am more interested in being physically healthy. There is a difference. People who focus on fitness for the sole purpose of looking good and people who focus on fitness for the sole purpose of feeling good. I want to feel good.

My mental state is in a great place right now. I don't feel anxiety as much as I used to. (something I picked up during my pregnancy) I don't feel unhappy and I don't feel sad. Having my mental health in a great state will always be far more important than the size jeans I'm wearing. That being said, I do love my endorphin's. I've been doing yoga quite a bit and I have never felt so exhilarated.

I feel complete and utter zen. My body is relaxed and I feel amazing. Thus, why I'm creating a challenge for myself. I want to find other physical activities (take your minds out of the gutter) that allow me to feel physically healthy, just like yoga does. I hate running, running will not happen! (being realistic) but I love being able to power walk, the elliptical, and my work out ball. Even though 2/3 of those physical activities can be done inside, I want to do them outside.

I want to feel a breeze on my face, I want Ava's little eyes to wander and explore and absorb. I want to the morning sun to shine down while I'm pumping endorphin's.This challenge isn't a diet that won't last, this is a challenge I plan on seeing through, daily. It doesn't have a time limit. this is my health. In order to be healthy, it requires work. Work for the inside and work for the outside.

Happy Friday all! Challenge yourselves to do something to better your health!

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