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Monday, September 23, 2013
Miss Ava will be six months before we know it, and I have already been on the hunt for tools to make her baby food with. At first, I was going to go with the baby bullet. I mean it's in the name, clearly it's for a baby. Then I thought, oh no, let's buy something more expensive (a steamer and a food processor all in one) I read the reviews on some of those items geared for babies.. So many reviews claimed that the parts broke easily, the product didn't work for very long, etc. After all that research, Justin and I have finally come up with a preparing/storing plan.

Instead of relying on a quicker less satisfying way to steam Ava's baby food. We are using a traditional method:

A stainless steel vegetable steamer! It does take longer, but the water has a lot of vitamins in it that you can add to your pureed foods. This method is extremely cost effective and you don't have to worry about it not working properly. It just fits right into any saucepan.

We are using the magic bullet for blending baby food. I watched a ton of youtube videos, read a thousand reviews, and asked close friends their thoughts about this blender vs. the baby bullet. 95% of them chose the magic bullet. I saw the puree difference. The baby bullet left chunks, the magic bullet did not. Since this is just a normal blender, we are able to use it in our home once Ava is done with her pureed stage foods. 

As far as storage, we plan on freezing a good stock of her home made baby food. I am using Beaba freezer trays for this task. I got to play with one of these and it was awesome! Super easy to pop out frozen portions of food. Each container holds 2 ounces. Perfect serving size! 

We are also using Beaba for a few other baby products for Princess A after she's got the hang of solids.

All of the items for making and storing Ava's baby food combined are less than $100.00.  One month's worth of organic jarred baby food  would cost me over 60 bucks, this is not only a healthier option for Baby Ava, but a cost efficient option as well. 

Do any of my readers make their baby's food? If so, what tools do you use? I'm always looking for feedback or more insight! 

Make it a great day!

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