far from ordinary

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
It's natural for every parent to say they have the best child in the world. To state that their child was born to do great things. That their children were destined to be a star. I guess what sets me apart from the stereotype (in my mind) is I don't just feel inclined to say it. I feel it. I know it. My daughter is a game changer. She is a mode breaking human being. How have I come to this conclusion about my four month old you ask? Spend one minute around her, and you'd see. I have never met anyone that makes me smile like Ava does. Even on the days where parenting challenges me, I can't help but be grateful that I am a mother to this already curious little being. 

At this very moment, I am watching my little girl sleep, tears in my eyes, I am completely overcome with emotion. Each night, Justin and I discuss our daughter, her childhood, and what we'd like for her. Talking about how we want to make all of her dreams come true. This is a big deal to us. Growing up, I didn't have an awful childhood, but I did have a divided childhood. My parents divorced when I was very young, and not having that "ideal family" definitely took a toll on me as I grew up. I had a lot of resentment, anger, confusion, emotions I didn't know how to process until I was much older. I used to wonder how different my life would have been, if I had that traditional upbringing. Since marriage and motherhood, those thoughts have subsided. 

Justin grew up in a divided childhood as well. When you're a kid placed in situations like this, you don't always get the better end of the deal. Diving into marriage, that was the ONE thing we agreed on early on. We would always fight for each other. Life has shown us, sometimes love isn't enough. Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want. You have to dedicate yourself 200% We always knew we wanted to have children together. We want our children to have better upbringings than we did. We want our children to always feel love and know what love looks like. What a family looks like.  With mom and dad and siblings. we want to show our children that happiness isn't ordinary. Striving to be happy each day is extraordinary. 

I guess that's why I call Ava our game changer. Even this little infant of mine, has become so extraordinary already. Since she arrived I have smiled everyday, I have laughed, my heart has been warm, thus making my baby a mode breaker. She came into this world with love right from the very start. Everyone supported my pregnancy and everyone has fallen in love with this little girl. I hope she never loses this innocence she has. I hope she always has the capability to warm hearts and change people's lives. I know she's too young to see it now, but without her, I don't think I'd be even a quarter of the person I have become. Ava makes me strive for extraordinary happiness everyday. 

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