The American Dream

Thursday, September 26, 2013
This week I had thee most emotional talk with my husband since he returned home from Afghanistan. We talked about what he wanted his future in the Army to be, how many more additions to our family we'd like and extending our education. School has been the main topic of conversation in my household (aside from Ava, obviously) Justin and I are both set out to obtaining our BA's (at the very least). Both different fields, but both beneficial for our family. I have been a little stressed about my courses while we are facing a PCS in just a matter of months, but thanks to my adviser, I got that taken care of.

There are so many things we want for ourselves, for Ava, for future Howland babies, but sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve all that we want. That's why I don't feel bad about being a stay at home mom. I used to put a negative stigma with stay at home mothers. Like having an income meant more than anything, like staying home meant I wasn't pulling my share of financial weight. Now having a child, I realize Ava needs her parents around (especially at this age) she needs normalcy and familiarity.

We have the luxury of living comfortably off of one income, and that's rare with our economy today. I titled this the American dream, because I feel like that's what this is. Wanting the family, the careers, the stability. You can't have all of those at the same time. Some things have to be priority. For us, it's family. I want my kids to know that mom was always there. That I was there when they walked, talked, everything. I don't want a daycare facility, or a babysitter to experience important milestones with my babies. I am so grateful for today's technology, where I can get my degree from the comfort of my own home. That way, when our kids are more independent and in school full time, I can pursue my career goals.

I've come to the conclusion that there is no right way to have the American dream. As long as you have structure, who cares the order you go in? I'm more focused now than I have ever been. I'm glad I put school on the back burner, and I'm glad that goal has resurfaced for me. I feel like I can go into getting my degree wide eyed and determined to succeed.

So this month marks my first course for school. Here goes nothing, wish me luck world!

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