4 months!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Yes, Baby Ava is 4 months old. Yesterday was a busy day so I didn't have time to put this up! So much has changed since last month, Ava is rolling over from back to tummy, tummy to back, & she is scooting! That has been our biggest development milestone. She babbles and coo's so much more (I hope she is an early talker) and she has hit her four month sleep regression (more about that later) I don't use pacifiers enough to say so. Ava refuses to keep them in, she prefers her hands. I no longer use a breast pump or bottles. I retired them, and I feel great about that decision. Ava outgrew her love for swaddlers. I still baby wear, and I plan to baby wear a lot more when the weather cools down. Baby A has the strongest little grip, If she can hold onto it, she does. A new thing she started is spitting. Well like talking and gurgling which results in spit on mommy's face or daddy's. Things we have used with Princess A over this past month have been:

her Da Vinci glider. I absolutely LOVE it! When baby girl works herself into a frenzy, I rock her and nurse her. We hadn't used this as much before, but now I couldn't imagine not having it! Daddy can use it to soothe her too. It's a great alternative to using a baby swing. She gets the same motion. 

Rattles! Ava can hold on to them, shake them, and she is fascinated by all the colors on her toys. She never had an interest in them before these past few weeks. We keep rattles in the diaper bag, in the car, and of course at home. They help keep her entertained. 

Teething keys with gel are a must. Ava has shown signs of teething for over a month now. I prefer the gel over the actual water teethers. They are perfect because Baby A puts everything in her month at this point. We are avoiding orajel and teething tablets. So I'm praying that teethers, wet wash clothes, and Tylenol are our saving grace.

The latest change has been co-sleeping. Ava hit her four month sleep regression. Basically she sleeps more like an adult now. It takes her longer to get into a deep sleep, and she wakes up from her deep sleep a lot easier. Because she finds comfort sleeping with Justin and I, she sleeps in our bed. We have never co-slept like this before. Ava literally sleeps in bed with us at all times. I do use her bassinet at the beginning of the night, but not all the time. Before I had her, I had planned on having her in my room for six solid months and then switching Ava to a traditional crib. With how much I love being able to interact with my baby, I think this decision is going to be much harder than I anticipated. 

Other than that, everything has been the same. We still cloth diaper and we still use cloth wipes. Ava still uses her bumbo and play mats. We have made a final decision on food, NO RICE CEREAL! We are holding out until Ava is six months old to start foods with her. I'm thinking sweet potatoes as her first food!  Well that's all for now, I have got a sleepy baby to rock to sleep! 

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