She's Changing

Thursday, October 10, 2013
I woke up very early this morning to help Justin with a couple things for work; when I looked into Ava's bassinet she was sleeping on her belly! I had to wipe my eyes and look again because I thought I was seeing things. Justin peeked in at her, and he was even shocked. She's been rolling over for some time now, but she usually hates being on her stomach for too long. I guess that has changed today. Moving forward with our day, Ava usually spends an hour to an hour and a half on her tummy time mat at one time. NEVER have I ever witnessed my child fall asleep mid play, especially while on her tummy. I know this is a milestone. I know that Princess A being able to roll in either direction is such a great development. It just feels like it's all moving so fast. 

I talked to my mom late last night which made me really happy. She's still pretty sick and basically has no voice, but It was nice getting to chat with her. Justin and I finished putting together the compassion reassignment paperwork last night. I'm hoping that after today there is nothing else we have to do on our part. I'm still really nervous about this. I mean, we do have letters from my mom's specialist and primary doctor stating the urgency for us to be with her... but the fact that it can still be denied has my stomach in knots. 

With this government shutdown in tow, I don't know how this is going to change the process due to HRC workers still being furloughed. In the meantime, I've been looking at houses in Texas & Washington just to make sure I'm covering all possible bases. The only thing we are sure of at this moment, is that come January we will definitely not be in Georgia. If things could go how I wanted them to, we would be home before Christmas. I would love for my mom to have Christmas with Ava. Especially Ava's first Christmas. 

I'm feeling optimistic about everything. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'm definitely hopeful. Tonight has been kind of rough. I'm almost positive Ava just got her first cold. She has a little cough, she's congested, and she has been running a low grade fever. I know this is how her immune system has to get stronger, but it still doesn't make me feel any less helpless. 

Tomorrow morning we are getting her saline, a humidifier, and another syringe. These are the moments I am so glad I breastfeed. I know all of these antibodies have already started fighting this cold. The weather here in Georgia is getting pretty chilly so I'm making sure she's bundled. I can't believe Miss Ava is six days shy of 5 months old. 

Well I can barely keep my eyelids open, I'm off for now. Tomorrow is going to be a busy one!

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