Friday, October 11, 2013
As I'm writing this I feel so shaky and rushed. Ava has definitely got a seasonal cold and I've been beating myself up about her being sick. We took her into PEDS this morning and they gave us saline and another nasal aspirator. We did pick up the cool mist humidifer and that seems to be helping. Between saline spray, tylenol, and constant snot, I feel better knowing I'm doing everything I can for her. 

I think I'm so frantic because I don't have order today. I got most of my errands checked off my to-do-list, but I still feel like I've been running around like a goose with their head chopped off. Justin has been pretty good about helping out, so that has made my day a little easier. I am VERY excited for pumpkin carving with friends today. I haven't carved pumpkins in ages, and it's a nice day out. 

I hate that my house is messy right now. I told myself that I'd be better with time management... I guess tiding up just didn't make the cut (that is a RARE occasion for me) I have been staying up until like 1 a.m. doing school work; I don't want to miss out on family time with Ava and Justin, or even Cooper. On the plus side, my cherub is happy and content, bills are paid, and I don't have anything major to do for the rest of the day. We are having friends over for dinner tonight, that'll be so fun! We haven't had a night with them in forever! 

Also.. I wasn't going to post this here, but I'm freaked out. It feels like I'm being kicked from the inside out... That really can only mean one thing, right? Pregnant? I haven't taken a test in months, and I have been throwing up a lot here lately. I just thought I'd caught a stomach bug. But I seriously have been feeling kicks all morning. 

The last thing I need right now is pregnancy to interfere with everything that's already going on. Looks like buying a pregnancy test is also on my agenda today. this post is so jumbled, I definitely need to go defuse! I'm off! Enjoy your Friday all! 

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