Saturday, October 12, 2013
It has been a perfect Saturday so far. I realize I have been blogging every day for the past week or so; I just want to have all my thoughts and feeling documented as I go through this process with my mom. A year from now, It'll be nice to see that some days were easier than others. It'll be nice to know I still smiled and enjoyed my days. 

We woke up kind of late this morning on account of no sleep Friday night. Ava has been sick and I've been freaked out by her congestion. I stayed awake most of the night just watching her sleep and giving her saline and tylenol when needed. So we did my love bug's first Halloween photo session today and I am in awe over the photos! I'm so glad Justin came with us. I have NEVER seen my baby smile like she did today. She is a definite daddy's girl. Sometimes that makes me a bit jealous.

Daddy making Ava giggle hysterically during breakfast

I've found myself getting irritated with Justin a little bit today. He was being so socially awkward. It was weird for me. He's definitely not used to hanging out with the friends I made throughout deployment on a regular basis. I love him to pieces, but It was unexpected. There's also the "funny guy" factor. I swear his jokes... (most times) are just not funny. I have found this problem with guys in general.. starting to think it's just me that can't take a joke.

Aside from that, I have no complaints. Princess A did taste dirt for the first time today. I was mortified. She had her little hands in the grass and instinctively put her hand in her mouth. I keep telling myself dirt is going to happen. It's going to be everywhere and I need to jump on the "dirty baby" bang wagon NOW! 

I guess we'll see how far that goes! Oh I almost forgot to mention I carved pumpkins with family and friends this weekend! It was a blast. Justin was so much better at gutting the pumpkins than I was. I swear he's a natural at almost everything. I even got some yummy pumpkin seeds! So far, we have stuck to the holiday traditions that I love so much. 

Well I'm off! Spending the rest of my afternoon with my little family! Happy Saturday all! 

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