Make Over

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Before I write anything else, I just want everyone to know, I am aware that we are only  in the month of October. I just couldn't fight the urge to completely Christmify my blog. It honestly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I've been playing the Michael Buble Christmas c.d. all day long. All I really need is for Georgia's weather to get with the program.

I hate that I can't experience Autumn in this state. Instead of scarves, boots, and leggings; I'm wearing summer dresses, capris and sandals. Am I going to allow that to stop me from being a lover of holidays? I think not! We are actually suppose to be going through a tropical depression with a chance of a "cold front" I highly doubt the cold front. Today was good. I'm tired and a little more drained than usual, but I can't complain.

We are making progress on the compassion reassignment requirements. Having my mom's doctors' on a different coast and time zone have made things a bit more challenging. Ava has been a character today. Each time I have tried to leave a message with someone involving the compassion reassignment stuff, she starts yelling. She hasn't yelled in about a week, so it kind of caught me by surprise. I got a laugh out of it though. My girl knows just what to do to keep her mama smiling. It's crazy how little beings are good that way.

I'm feeling bad for my mom and sister today. They are both sick! My mama barely has a voice. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted to talk to her today. I know we have messaging, but I hate texting and she honestly needs to rest. I'm hoping they start to feeling better really soon. As I'm writing this Miss Ava decided it would be okay to scoot halfway across my area rug.. That is not okay! I'm off for now! Enjoy your Tuesday all!

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