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Friday, November 1, 2013
Halloween was a bit of a dud! I was so disappointed with the small amount of trick or treaters we got. I thought living in a subdivision would supply us with an overload of kiddos last night. Justin cut open our cute little bags we had (he thought we were going to run out of candy) and decided to pour them all in the candy bowl. Now we are stuck with SO much candy. Other than that, our night was fantastic. It was so fun seeing my husband light up when the door bell rang. He was just so cool! Telling our trick or treaters how awesome their costumes were, smiling and holding Ava whenever he answered the door. We made a decision about future Halloweens, we will not be taking Ava until she is old enough to say, "Trick-or-treat." We got a lot of little kiddies last night and I feel like it's a little ridiculous to take them out late at night, for all that candy, they won't be able to eat. We will be dressing her up next year, she'll just be on candy duty at home.

I am glad October is behind us though. November marks two of my favorite holidays. Veterans day, and Thanksgiving. I want to do something really special for Justin this year, since he was deployed last year. I'm already brainstorming an epic day for him! I'm thinking about dressing Ava up as an adorable turkey for her Thanksgiving photos. Honestly, how cute would that be? I love this time of year, I really, really LOVE it! I'm loving it more this year, because in a matter of weeks, we'll be out of Georgia!

I say this a lot, but I am SO SO glad Justin is here for the first year of Princess A's life. I can't imagine going through all these holidays, and special events without him. I have been looking at all the photos we have taken since he returned from Afghanistan, I've got to tell you, they mean more to me than gold. I can't imagine doing her first Christmas morning without him, or her first New Year. It's also nice to see us grow as parents, together. Everyone knows about maternal instincts, but paternal instincts are just as strong as well.

Ava will be six months old in 16 days... This is so crazy for me. Having babies really does make the time move so much faster. We have been talking about Howland babies again. Looks like we'll be trying in NOV 2014. I'm hoping we get lucky and it only takes us a month or so to conceive another babe. Ava will be eighteen months, it's really a perfect time for us. I'm having trouble grasping the fact that I will be 23 years old next year. I wonder how weird that is for my parents? Having their little girl completely grown up, with her own child.

Feels like it happened in a blink of an eye. Well, I'm off! We've got a busy weekend, and I've got some school work to do. Justin has today off, so i'm staying off of networking sites most of the weekend! I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! Happy Friday!

♥- Leilani

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