Urgent Care

Friday, November 22, 2013
So we took Princess A to the E.R. for the first time today. She had a series of coughing fits last night, and again this afternoon. It was something foreign that we hadn't experienced with her before, so naturally we called the Pediatrics clinic. They had zero appointments available, so they told us to bring Ava into the hospital. Our entire visit took about an hour (so pleased about that) I am so OCD about germs, so I used my moby wrap the entire time, and daddy was on diaper bag detail.

The triage nurse was really sweet and made our baby laugh! I wasn't so scared about bringing her in at that point. Her lungs were clear, her heartbeat was excellent, and she wasn't running a fever of any kind. It took about fifteen minutes for them to call our names back; we were pleasantly surprised. The doctor was just awesome. She came in and the first thing she mentioned was how beautiful our daughter was. She told us we did such a good job with her, and commented on how happy Ava was. It was nice to hear such warm comments from a physician. Since everything appeared to be symptoms of a common cold or teething, the physician opted not to do a chest x ray (no need to expose her to radiation) when there was no fever present. We were told to continue with saline, draining the mucus, and the cool or warm mist humidifier. After that, we were all set to go home.

I have to admit that didn't go anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. That's a really good thing though. When we got home, I made all three of us scrub down, and wash down anything we took to the E.R. The whole bringing home germs aspect of going to urgent care really grosses me out. I told Justin I'm glad we can't put Bug in a bubble, but if we could... No! I'm totally joking. This is my life now, germs, germs, germs. Tonight, Ava had her first full serving of avocados. I'd say she's fond of them. She keeps opening her mouth for Justin to feed her, and fussing when he takes too long. I love it! Next on the food list is apples! I have completely delayed Thanksgiving shopping (with the exception of the turkey), so that's on our to-do list this weekend too. Well, it's Christmas movie time, I would say the weekend, but with Justin not having to return to work, it feels like the weekend everyday. Happy Friday all!

Day 22- I am thankful for leaves. When they fall down, I feel total zen.

♥- Leilani

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