Bad Sunday

Sunday, November 24, 2013
You know that law.. Murphy's Law? Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong? That was my day today. I woke up this morning with the sunlight on my face, Ava bug snoozing away, and a husband that was overly eager to cuddle. Little did I know that this morning would be the extent of how happy my day got.

Our first family Christmas pictures were today, so I wanted to run all my errands in the morning. I started driving out of my subdivision and a little down the road I realize that our car is acting weird. I pulled over, and long behold we have a flat tire. Initially I thought, no problem. Justin got the jack out, and took the bolts off, only to have the tire not want to come off. I had to call a friend to come out and help! (Thank you Simmons family) It took awhile, but the tire finally came off. A darn screw was lodged pretty good into our tire.

Due to the South and it's lovely "no establishments open" on Sunday, the only place to get a new tire was Wal-Mart. The wait was over two hours long, we had to leave for pictures at two, and Ava needed to nurse badly. I have never spent that much time in Wal-Mart, nor do I care to ever again. By the time we left, we had very little time to get ready for pictures. I rushed to get both of my Howl babies ready, and then I threw on mascara, and cover up within seconds it felt like.

On the ride to the beach (1.5 hours away) Justin kept making comments on how cold and windy it was. At this point I was so irritated from my day, I had little patience for those types of comments. My cuddly, lovey, husband from this morning was being such a little terd! I was annoyed, and the only thing I had on my mind were our beach photos, and how they would make up for my awful day.

We get to Jekyll Island, and the wind is whipping, it's cold, and Justin started up again on the harsh weather comments. I won't lie, It was freezing, and I didn't want Ava to catch another cold, or freeze.. I just thought maybe it won't be so bad when we get to the beach... WRONG! It was worse. My hair was flying everywhere, my hands felt like they were going to fall off, and I could hear my husband's not so happy tone about the darn weather!

I felt so bad for having our photographer (and friend) drive all that way to have us turn around. She managed to take a few photos, but after that we'd called it quits. It was a good decision. Ava bug was an ice bug when we got to the car. We immediately warmed her up, and started our ride back home. In the car, Justin apologized for being a terd. I was thankful. I really hate when we don't sync, it throws me off completely. I apologized for not rescheduling the photos after an already bad day. Ava knocked out, and we ended up laughing about something that happened earlier in our week.

Even though our Sunday wasn't so great, tonight has been. Any day that doesn't require me to wash dinner dishes is golden in my book. We munched down some Italian food, and Ava had her second serving of apples tonight. Looks like after the Broncos play, I get some snuggle time with Justin. I can't wait to watch a Christmas movie, and just relax. Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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