Holy Productive Monday

Monday, November 25, 2013
I am completely beat. From the time I woke up this morning, until this very second, I have been on the go and on my feet. I started the day off with a neighborhood stroll with a friend and Coop troop. I got some girl talk in while Cooper had a morning play date. I even managed to reschedule our family pictures for this Wednesday. I'm really excited! I just want good pictures, I feel like of all the things to ask for in the world, that is a reasonable request.

Shortly after that, I got ready for the day, and ran some errands. Justin and I had a lunch date topped off with a day of shopping for holiday decor... AND I got my Christmas tree! I have never been so excited for a tree like I was today! 7.5 ft Douglas fir tree. It's full, and pretty, and just lovely. I can't wait to get some decorations on this baby! While at Target, I signed up for the Target red card. You save five percent on every transaction when you have the red card. It's easy peasy. It's linked to a checking account, so basically it's like swiping your own debit card. Anyhow, the sales associate told me about another awesome savings method. the target cartwheel. It's an app on your phone that allows you to scan or enter a bar code, and it either shows the current coupons for that item, or it says nothing found. It was pretty awesome, and because of those saving techniques, I saved over $20.00 today!

On the way home I sat in the front seat. I know this may seem silly, but since Ava was born I haven't sat in the front seat like at all. I sat in the front on the way to Savannah (only because Ava bug was sleeping), and I sat in the front on the way back (only because our giant tree wouldn't fit in the trunk), I was pleasantly surprised on how well Ava and I did without being right next to each other. It was a sweet trade off too, because I got to hold hands with my sweet man all day! It was so nice. Justin said he missed having my hand to hold! That comment made my day.

The rental company called and said they are showing this house tomorrow afternoon, so when we came home we started packing things up. Oh, before I forget, Ava HATES apples. I know it's tarty, but this is day 3 of apples and she still makes that cringed little nose face. I'm glad we are moving onto pears tomorrow! On the upside, she isn't allergic to apples, she just isn't fond of them. So yes, packing. I packed our entire master bedroom this evening. All by myself! I love that Justin and I are flexible with watching the babe. He kept her happy and entertained, while I organized and packed.

I'm delighted we only have 3 more rooms in this house that need heavy packing like the master bedroom. We are opting to hire a moving company to load up the u-haul (makes moving day easier on us) and that will allow us to relax a bit more this week. We don't feel rushed, everything is on our time. I do have to visit with a few friends before we leave. I only have nine days left in the state of Georgia. With Thanksgiving, and Black Friday right around the corner, I know things are going to busy for everyone.

Day 23- I am thankful for pictures. They allow me to relive all the special moments in my life.
Day 24- I am thankful for bubbles. I'm 22 but bubbles still bring out my inner kid.
Day 25- I am thankful for my husband's kisses. They can turn any frown of mine upside down

Whoo, well the baby is asleep for the night, Justin and Coop are perfectly content with the PS3, looks like I'm off to do homework! Oh, guess who aced her last two courses with 97 percent? This girl! Happy Monday all!   ♥- Leilani

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