The day is finally here!

Thursday, November 28, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving all! I can't believe we are at the end of November. Our time here in Georgia is quickly coming to an end, and I couldn't be more excited to close this chapter of my life. I am grateful we will be spending our day with friends, people who have become family, and single soldiers that are away from their loved ones. As we wrap up the end of November, I have a few more thing I am thankful for.

Day 26- I am so very thankful for my blog, and my blog readers. Writing is such a comfort for me, and I'm glad I can keep everyone up to date with my daily posts.
Day 27- I am thankful for laughter. Laughter is good for the soul, and the best medicine in life.
Day 28- I am thankful for deployment. I have much more appreciation for the time I have with Justin.

We decided to stick the bird in a little later this year, but everything else is being prepped and ready to go for this afternoon. I made my first dish of ambrosia last night, and I've got to say it tastes divine. While I'm talking about last night, I had the worst freak out of my mommy life. I had been rushing, and doing pretty much everything but focusing solely on Ava. (Justin had her) I hate that. I really do. My daughter comes first. Everything else is trivial compared to Princess A. I hate when my time is taken away from her, or when I rush to do things with her, because I'd been "busy" with something ridiculous. Anyhow, (sorry for my mini vent) when I went to feed bug her vitamin d, I think I may have been rushing, we've given her vitamin d a million times, and I didn't think choking would ever happen, until it did. I was panicked, and freaked out. I picked her up, starting patting her back, I just didn't know what to do. I ended up sticking my finger down her throat, and thank god that worked. I have never been so worried in my life. I was so scared, and I felt completely awful. I just held her, and cried. If I had been more focused on Ava, I would not have been in a hurry to get her prepped for bed. Never again will I allow this to happen.

Whoo! That was a lot to take in. On a happier note, I'm starting some Thanksgiving traditions with Bug and her daddy this year. It involves paint and canvases. I'm pretty excited about it. We leave Georgia in just six days! I'm getting ancy over here! Family pictures are in a day. I'm REALLY praying that this Georgia weather cooperates this time. It looks like we will be doing some small black Friday shopping this year. My hp laptop kind of crapped the bed. Sorry for that less than pretty image. I have to replace it, and it looks like the mac book pro is going to be that replacement. Justin and Ava are coming along, this should make for an interesting trip. Alright all, it's time for me to start cooking. I hope your days are spent with family, and people you love. Don't fight today. Don't meddle. Be at peace, and enjoy your feast! Haha, sorry that was really cheesy, but I couldn't resist.

♥- Leilani

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