Saturday, November 30, 2013
Thanksgiving could not have been more perfect. The food was great, the company was awesome, it was just an overall great day. I haven't had that many people in this house.. like ever. It felt like grand central station, with people coming and going. It was nice though. We had a couple soldiers that were 3 weeks out of basic show up as well. It warms my heart through and through that they were able to have Thanksgiving at our home. The thought of any soldier cooped up in the barracks on such a joyous holiday.. it doesn't sit well with me. This year was also the first year I have never had Thanksgiving leftovers! All of the food we made was devoured with a quickness. Justin and I were pretty stoked about that (moving in like 4 days) because we don't have to throw out a whole lot when moving day comes.

Friday was a good day. I didn't participate in any black Friday shenanigans, and that was completely fine with me. We woke up kind of early to try take two of our family pictures... they were a success! I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. We should have them in about a week or so, but I'm debating whether or not I want to share them (I want to frame some of them). Yesterday, I was introduced to a cloth diapering/eco-friendly store, here in Georgia (thank you Victoria). I was so ticked, I hadn't found this store prior to having Ava. I purchased a couple more cloth diapers for Ava bug, and I bought bug her very first security snuggle. It's made by Aden and Anais, and it's called bamboo musy mate lovey. Ava loves this thing already!

Oh, Ava's currently in sposies until we move. I washed all of her cloth, all that's left is packing it up. We are using bamboo nature again, and I am in love. Super absorbent, no rashes, and they fit her great. It's weird not seeing a fluff bum on my child, but sposies are going to make our Texas move just a little bit easier for me. In our final days in Georgia, Ava is getting her "my first Christmas" photos done, and I'm feeling nervous about those. Her Thanksgiving photos didn't come out how I'd expected. No smiles from her! Hopefully this round of pictures is better than the last. 

It looks like my day is going to consist of cleaning,homework, and more packing. Packing is so not fun. I seriously start lactating every time I pack a box. I'm getting more emotional about the move. I really go back and forth. Some days, I'm all excited and ready to leave, other days I'm reminded that I'm leaving the only state I've been married in! It's kind of surreal. Either way, I'm trying to accept that sometimes change can be really good. On a happy note, I have managed to stay on top of my thankful Novembers, and as of tomorrow, we roll into Dedicated December! It's not an official thing, but I figure, I should keep the momentum flowing. Alright guys, It looks like I'm off for now. Justin will soon be walking through the door with breakfast, and I need some energy food! Enjoy your Saturday all! 

Day 29- I am thankful for truth. Without a doubt, the truth always sets us free. 
Day 30- I am thankful for sports. Without them, I don't know how Justin would feel about his Sundays. 

♥- Leilani

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