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Saturday, January 4, 2014
So, we were able to take a video tour of our Washington home this afternoon, and I have to say, I am in love. So much natural light, and a lot of space. The five piece master has double doors, and this house offers a room that already seems perfect for Ava bug's nursery. The location is perfect for shopping, outings, and it's essentially close to everything we need. I think my husband was just elated over the garage door opener. Not having an automatic garage opener has been a pain for us in the house we are currently in. We are sacrificing yard, for house, which I am perfectly okay with. There is enough room for grilling, and for Cooper to handle his doggy business. The neighborhood offers walking trails, parks, and little poo bags for your animals. Overall, I am so relieved that I picked a house that will be great for my family. Looking out towards a golf course and view of Mt. Rainier is something I'm not complaining about either.

We opted to do a partial DITY move for a numerous amount of reasons (I'm not going to list right now). I think it'll be a smoother drive for Justin, and considering this is our second move in less than two months, I'd say smooth is exactly what he needs. This will be a different kind of experience for us, (as we won't have our things immediately), but I'm hoping the experience is a good one. I am excited that I won't have to pack anything. The moving company takes care of that (liability issues). We were able to pick a delivery date, even though they have the latest possible delivery date listed as the 27th. At the most, that's only 10 days without our things, and we are packing a lot of the essentials in the car anyway.

I am feeling a lot more confident about traveling with Ava on an airplane. I called the airlines (not so helpful) and was able to get some information out of them. I know what I can bring (baby wise), and I know what I can actually take on the plane. I'm so, so relived that we don't have to check bug's infant car seat. Thanks to my cousin-in-law.. I think that's the proper term Katie! I am waiting for this handy infant seat backpack to arrive for our trip.

I plan on using the ergobaby carrier the entire time we are traveling. Hopefully having my hands free will make this trip go smoother. Katie also filled me in on another handy tip. Since infants and typically kiddos under the age of two cannot pop their own ears, you wait to nurse them until you are taking off, or landing. The motion the jaw makes and the swallowing alleviates the discomfort from their ears popping. Justin is going to help as much as he can before we leave, so I guess the only thing I have to worry about is the layover. I'll have a lot of help with everything once we actually land in Seattle too.

I am getting so excited about this! Can't believe how quickly everything is going. Well, it looks like I'm off to watch some football! I'm rooting for Indy to lose today! Happy Saturday all!

 ♥- Leilani

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