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Tuesday, January 7, 2014
I've heard this term thrown around quite a bit since I had Ava bug. I think it's more entertaining than anything, but I have found that this definition is fitting for my family, and our parenting styles. The term crunchy really just describes a parent who fosters a strong, positive bond with their children through natural living. What could be better than that? I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing I am a part of a parenting generation, where people are going back to the basics. What worked for us all those years ago, still work for us today. Parenting is getting thrown into our modern habits, and I honestly resent it a little bit. In an effort to make the time slow down, or at least capture the moments I have with my lover bug, I have booked a natural "lifestyle" photo session for Justin, Bug, and I. I want black and white (maybe color) photos of our baby wearing little Ava days. I want photos of the sun shining down on my little Princess, while I nurse her in the morning. I want photos that show how attached parenting methods have produced this little vibrant being I call my daughter. A lot of pressure on a photo, right? Hopefully, the photos turn out somewhat how I'm imaging them to be. We aren't doing these until we get settled in Washington, but I'm excited for them already.

Speaking of photos, I am already on the hunt for Ava's birthday decor. Seems like there is so much to do when planning a little's first Birthday. I know Ava's will be a bit more intense, because we will be near family and friends. I am ready for this challenge! I have already located the venue, and found the company to make the cake, smash cake, and cake pops. I settled on a theme this morning too. Don't ask me why Im making all these decisions four months in advance, I just cannot contain myself. My little girl is going to be one year old this year.

We took bug into pediatrics today. With the flu running rampid in central Texas we just wanted to make sure she was still healthy, and good to go. Ava now weighs 15 lbs and five ounces. She is also 24 and 3/4 inches long. WOW! Drastic change from the 5 lb 11 ounce baby I gave birth to. She is perfectly healthy, and is a bit more advanced for her age. I know Justin was feeling great after Ava's appointment today. The doctor was impressed with how comfortable Justin was with Ava. He knows how to do everything I do, and that impressed the doctor. She said a lot of dads aren't that comfortable with their babies, that they are all okay with mom running the show. She made a comment as we were leaving, she said we should have ten kids with how mellow and in sync we were. While the compliment was flattering, I don't see us ever having 10 children.

The movers come in just two days, and then in seven days, Ava will be on her first plane ride. This week is going to consist of a lot of packing, school work, and prepping for our big move. I hope everyone stays warm this week! It looks like a huge cold front is coming in towards the states that aren't so used to this freezing weather.

♥- Leilani

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