Let it rain, let it pour

Thursday, January 9, 2014
Man, it feels like my little family got slammed with a lot of stress these last couple months. I am pleased to report that soon, it will all be over. Today we had our JPPSO movers come out, and they were nothing short of a blessing. Not only did I not have to lift a single finger, they were super friendly and personable. They handled all of our things with care, and made sure to go over each part of the paperwork with us. I initially thought this moving method was going to be horrible (ask me again once we are waiting on our things), but it really wasn't bad at all. I know Justin feels a million times better knowing he doesn't have to drive a huge u-haul, and tow dolly across the country. It took the movers around six hours to pack and move all of our things into the 24 foot truck. The best part? We didn't have to pay for it. This time it's on the Army's dime. 

 Seeing all the boxes were far too familiar, and I'm excited to stay somewhere a little longer than a month. I was so proud f our bug today. She was awesome! So chill, and full of smiles. She let us eat lunch, while she just chilled in her high chair, and I think we baby wore Ava for like seven hours straight today. She was even able to get a little nap in, it was glorious. After the movers left, we were able to get the car packed up, and finally settle for the night. Ava bug had her first helping (stage two) of apples and blueberries, and (we think) they are a hit. Stage two foods aren't really different from stage one, aside from the fact that they are all mixed with something. The consistency seems the same to us.

I'm in the mists of trying to plan something super special for my third wedding anniversary with Justin, and this has got me all giddy and feeling romantic. I really want to show my husband how thankful I am, not only for the past three years, but for all he does on a regular basis to keep our family solid, and golden. In raising a family, going back to school, and constantly moving (Thank you Army) there are plenty of moments to forget about the special time you and your spouse need. I'm really glad that Justin and I constantly remind each other that we need that time. I have just under two weeks to plan, so hopefully I can come up with something sweet, without Justin suspecting a thing. We also decided on the first DIY project we are going to do at the new house. You can find the image in the "DIY" section of my blog. We are going to put up some rain gutters for books we begin to purchase for Ava. I am finally ordering her pottery barn anywhere chair (as long as it isn't back stocked) for this nook in her nursery. Thanks to an awesome friend at Colorful Characters, Ava will also have her name with ballerina inspired decoration on them, hanging over her new book shelves.

I'm already thinking about fun little additions to add to the master. Man, this Washington home is going to be a good one. I can't help but smile when I think about Washington. Especially when I think about  my mama. Every time we talk I can hear the happiness in her voice. She is ready to have us back! Well, that's all for now. I am literally beat, and it's time for this mama to hit the sack. Also, if you haven't "liked" my facebook page, make sure to do that. (Simply Howland) Once I hit 130 likes, I am giving away an ergobaby carrier! Goodnight all! 

♥- Leilani

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