Flying with my (almost) eight month old

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Where do I begin? My first plane ride with Ava didn't cause as much anxiety as I originally anticipated. And the anxiety I did feel wasn't from traveling with an infant. I'd say I was most relieved by that. We arrived at the Killeen airport an hour and a half before my flight was to take off. That airport is so small, and cute. It took about .5 seconds to get my boarding pass, bags checked, and get Justin a gate pass. Ahh, gate passes. Those things are a god sent (thank you Victoria). Justin was able to go through security with me and help me with Ava bug.. which actually turned out to be a good thing because I was selected for a random security check. I won't lie, I was actually shaking after being patted down, and touched. Granted it was a woman, but I have never had that happen before. I'm glad our airports are taking a much higher security measure though, it's making sure we are all safe. Other than that, going through security was a breeze. It seems like when you have kiddos all of their items are exempt to the "do not bring" list. After we got through security, Justin made sure to set our things right next to the gate, and we said our goodbyes. No tears from this mama (shocked), but he started his journey West as soon as he left us.

 Ava was so fussy while we were waiting for our flight. Another tooth has cut through her gums, and while I am thrilled for my Bug to be getting teeth, the pain seems to just be god awful. I ended up giving her teething tablets, and a little Tylenol for her fever. 225 pm came around so much sooner than I was expecting, and soon I was boarding with Ava on a smaller, charter plane. I gate checked the infant car seat and base, and I am so glad that I did. I definitely think giving Ava the tylenol helped a bit because we got minimal fussiness (and I chalk the fuss we got up to teething). I nursed her during take off, and she fell asleep almost instantly. It would have been nice for Bug to get a nap in, unfortunately the flight from Killeen to Dallas felt like five minutes. When we got off the plane, I waited on the bridge for my gate checked bag. It took all of two minutes for that to come up.

Going through the Dallas airport was like a maze. Initially I tried carrying my infant car seat on my back, my diaper bag, my checked bag, and Ava in the ergobaby carrier all at once. I did that when I went to the first incorrect terminal (thank you Expedia) for my flight. I really had to use the bathroom, (and I am SO GLAD I DID) because I started a conversation with a couple of really nice people that were also waiting for their flight to.. Longview, TEXAS! I figured out I was in the wrong place, and they kindly helped me load all of my things on a luggage cart, and directed me (in what they thought) was the correct terminal. I went back up to the skyrail, and I went to the second incorrect terminal for my flight, and by this point I was just fed up. Ava was an angel through all of this though. So curious, and content in the carrier. My flight was due to leave in like 35 minutes and I had been all over this airport. I finally just went up to a rep behind an airline counter, and asked her where my flight was. It was easy peasy for her to look that information up, and she told me not to listen to expedia in the future. Apparently they always have the wrong terminal information. I was then on my way to the third terminal, luggage and Bug in tow.

A kind couple on the skyrail held onto my luggage cart, all the way to my next terminal. I finally arrived at the correct terminal with just enough time to use the bathroom and board our flight. I gate checked the infant car seat, yet again, and this time they gave me the option of picking it up on the bridge, or baggage claim. I chose bridge, since that's what I had done the first time. Once getting in our seat, I felt so much better about this final plane ride. Until the person beside us sat down. Ava and I had the window seat, and there were these two huge military men who occupied the other two seats. I felt crammed, uncomfortable, and I thought the flight was going to be horrible. It was surprisingly entertaining. The military men kept Ava entertained. I was able to sit her on the tray that is attached to the seat in front of us, and I let her play with some of her toys I'd packed away in the diaper bag. I got her to sleep for a little over an hour, which was nice. When Bug was asleep I took that time to order beverages and something to snack on. When she woke up I pointed out our window and she was able to see Mt.Rainier, and the Seattle skyline. Though I know she was unaware of what she was looking at, it made my heart all warm knowing my baby was seeing something dear to me for the first time, home!I kept her in the ergobaby carrier the entire time she slept on the plane, and after we landed and made our way to baggage claim. This trip went so much better than I expected. 

Tips for flying with an infant
  • If you are flying alone, get a gate pass for whomever is present to help you get through security
  • Use a baby carrier so you are able to have free hands at all times
  • If you have a teething baby, bring teething tablets and/or feeders (whatever you use to help soothe baby)
  • Make sure you know where your terminals are AHEAD of time. 
  • bring baby toys to keep your little one occupied
  • Try to get an isle seat (I wish I would have)
  • Definitely nurse, bottle feed, or have a pacifier handy during take off and landing (I think nursing was the real reason Ava wasn't fussy during those times)
 ♥- Leilani

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