Cloth, Cloth

Monday, February 10, 2014
So it looks like we are switching up our cloth routine, again (I'm really happy about this). When we change our routine, it's because there is a flaw with the previous one. The biggest challenge (which isn't very big) of cloth diapering is definitely the cleaning process for my family. Solids, like we expected, changed the game of cloth for us. The buildup has been a lot more frequent, and I refuse to let my child wear these awful smelling diapers. When we were in Texas, I stripped Bug's diapers and *poof* the buildup and smells were gone. After a few uses, the smells came back, even with the frequent use of Bac out. Luckily, for us we had to time to figure out another method for stripping. Whenever we travel we use biodegradable disposables, so Ava wasn't in cloth for a little over two weeks. As soon as we got our cloth accessories, I knew exactly what I wanted to change in order to keep Ava bug's diapers fresh and good. Instead of soaking cloth diapers, wipes, etc. in rock in green, we opted to use the rock in green, funk rock.

All it took was 60 minutes of soaking in our tub (you can use the washer or sink) and our diapers smelled better than when we first put them in. The final step was adding a rinse cycle, than washing your diapers like you normally would. As soon as the diapers were done with the rinse cycle, I took one out, and I smelled NOTHING. I was so pleased that the funk rock worked so well. The true test was using them and then washing again... NOTHING! We did switch our wash routine around a little bit, so I'm curious if switching the amount of detergent, wash routine, and new stripping method is the new cause for our diapers being stench free. 

Wash Routine

Normal Cycle w/ two scoops of rock in green 
Warm Wash

Normal Cycle w/ one scoop of rock in green
Hot Wash

Extra rinse w/ no detergent at all

Stripping Routine
Toss all cloth accessories in tub,sink,or washer
Add hot or warm water to soak the cloth accessories in
add 4 tbsp of rock in funk to the hot water
allow cloth accessories to sit for 30-60 minutes (for best results soak overnight)
rinse diapers 
Wash like normal, with your desired cloth friendly detergent. 

Overall, I'm really pleased with our recent changes. Before we changed our stripping routine, our diapers spent hours soaking in the tub. The amount of time has downsized, and the smell is even better. Hopefully there aren't too many more surprises in our cloth journey. I'd like to get our routine perfected for future Howl babies! If any of my readers ever have any questions or concerns, I'm always willing to lend an ear, or answer in anyway I can. A lot of people contact me via facebook (which is great), but you can always comment on the posts I publish. 

Happy Monday all! 

♥- Leilani


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  2. I stripped mine with blue original dawn dish soap and chlorine bleach (both recommended by bumgenius on their website. I didn't have a big issue with odor but they came out of the wash smelling really clean. I had an issue with build up, staining and absorbency. The stains lightened, I feel like if I continue stripping it will go away completely, they smell fresh and absorbency is better than it was but not perfect. Overall it helped more than anything else I've tried. Good luck.

    1. That's great Danika! My issue with using bleach is my warranty with fuzzibunz. I have heard that using dawn and bleach helps a bit. I was a little iffy about bleach (harsh chemical) but I'm glad I know someone that had great results. If you want you can try some of the rock in green I have. Amazon sent me two batches! I haven't had a problem with staining, absorbency, or build up. If you are having a lot of build up, it could always be your detergent. Thanks for giving me some input though! It's always appreciated :)