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Tuesday, February 11, 2014
These last couple of months have felt like such a dream with all the time Justin has been able to stay at home. Today, that dream ended, and full blown reality is now a go. Justin called me this afternoon to let me know that he will be heading off to training as soon as he is done with in processing, and shortly after that he'll be heading off to a learning school for his promotion he received this past summer. Now, before I go any further, I want you all to know this is indeed a rant, and I am indeed being a bit selfish. We have gotten extremely comfortable with Justin being home so much, and I hate that it had to come to an end. This is the Army life we live in though. I will say even with our impending separation there are some definite pros for Justin and for his two girls.

Pros for Ava bug and I

  • Family and friends are near by to keep us company
  • I am completely familiar with the area I live in 
  • There are more than enough activities nearby that are baby geared to keep Ava growing and busy

Pros for Justin

  • He enjoys gunnery 
  • he doesn't have to worry about me needing help
  • he doesn't have to worry about me being alone in a foreign state
  • This is a good way to get to know the soldier's in his unit

So we've definitely got some great positives to this situation. I'm pretty excited to see what the families in this unit are like. I wasn't going to dabble with the FRG this time around, but I'd like to (at the very least) stay in the loop about training dates and company events. Apparently this FRG is nothing like the normal. Women don't try to wear their husband's rank, and the gossip is shunned, not encouraged.  That's always a plus in my book. Previous experiences have caused me to approach with caution, so I really don't have expectations.

A few bonus points for Justin would be the facility his unit is located in. Fairly new, upstairs/downstairs, TA50 lockers, showers, and a small workout area. When I heard that his Army gear wouldn't be taking up the garage, our room, or the cars anymore, I was elated. I think it's great that he'll have what he needs on hand at the company all the time. The second thing I loved was the shower and gym right there at the company. Since Justin can't come home for lunch anyways, he won't have to go far to get a workout in or get washed off.  Aside from spending time apart this installation seems 100000000 times better than the last one. Hopefully, a month in, he'll feel the same way.

Well I'm off all. Hopefully while Justin is away, I'll find something productive to do. For now, I'm spending each minute I can with my lover and our bug. Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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