New car, 9 months, & the Changes

Thursday, February 13, 2014
I don't quite know how I have the energy to write this right now, but here goes nothing. Today was such hectic day. I thought Thursday had plans of total relaxation for me and my sweet lover bug, but the universe had other plans for us. Justin got off work extremely early, due to the high volume of soldiers in processing at his installation. Apparently all the NCO's that were in processing got pushed back a couple days. This allowed for them to get the Joe's all squared away first. Justin had no complaints about that, and I don't either. It's kind of nice knowing that his impending field time is being delayed a bit. Any who, so with my husband getting off so early, we decided it was time to go car shopping.

I had researched a few car dealerships that I liked, and we came across this 2001 Hyundai Elantra that I Thought would be perfect for Justin to commute to work. Turns out I was right, because after test driving it and inspecting the car, Justin was sold. I am pretty proud of my negotiating skills. I was able to talk the car down to a very decent price. That price included the minor repairs that needed to be done to the car, and tax, title, and registration. Definitely money well spent on our part. I don't think there are too many things we hate more than car payments, so I'm glad this car is paid in full and set to go. The carfax we viewed couldn't have been any better. This vehicle only had one owner, and nine services. No accidents, or anything like that either. The entire car purchase process took about three hours, and we went to a dealership about an hour away from home. The car sales men who sold us the vehicle mentioned that Washington state has over sixty six percent of  car sales in that area. Clearly they are doing something right in Everett and Lynnwood!

Today was also the day I switched all of Ava bug's clothes over to nine months. It was actually kind of emotional for me. I have a true to size baby who will be nine months old on Monday, and I just don't know where the time is running off to. I'm having frequent flashbacks of my little newborn in her newborn clothes. It feels fresh, as if it were yesterday. We also scheduled some Valentine day pictures for bug and her daddy. Apparently Ava is only allowed to have one Valentine! I can't wait to see how their photos turn out. Bug is wearing a red tutu, with a be mine onesie. This is the first time she'll have had a studio session before, so I'm hoping all goes well.

Last night I also decided to try my first batch of organic prefolds and a certified organic workhorse diaper. I'm very excited about using my favorite type of cloth with Ava. Since we will be at home a lot of the time, I can utilize my covers again! I can't wait. I love Karen from Green Mountain Diapers. a family that built a company due to their love of cloth. Cloth diapering isn't some cool trend or fad for our family. It's not solely about savings, or trying to appear more natural or green. We cloth because we truly believe it's a better diapering system for Ava, and we love that it's helping our world stay a bit more green. I am constantly reminded of that when I purchase or receive cloth essentials from small companies.

Whoo! This was longer than I expected. I'm off all! Tomorrow is love day with my sweet man, and I've got a lot to do between now and then! If you know a Veteran, make sure to give em a smooch for Valentine's day!

  ♥- Leilani

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