Okay, July can get here now.

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Can you believe we are already in the month of June? I'm seriously so stoked for this summer! All I can think about are days on the lake, countless baseball games, and tons of fun traveling the West coast with my sweet little family. This weekend was definitely one for the books. Washington decided to finally give us more than just a day or two of amazing weather, so you know we were taking full advantage. We ended up going to a park literally just minutes away from our house. The park is actually sitting on a lake, so aside from the playgrounds and trails, we had a pretty awesome view. There aren't too many things more precious than picnicking in the sun, and watching our little one in complete fascination with her surroundings.

Cooper also had a blast today. He ran out into the lake (first time in a body of water.. thank you gators in Georgia) and he just went to town on the water! The labrador in him came out, and he just loved swimming around. Justin and I decided that every weekend, we are going to take our kids out to enjoy the lush evergreens of Washington. There are literally a million things to do with your pets in tow, and I know Cooper loves being included. I'm almost positive that I'm booking a weekend getaway at Ocean Shores this part? We get to bring our pooch with us! I'm ready for huge red kites, sand in my toes, and waves for days.

Did I mention that a certain Mr. Howland asked if I was ready to try for a baby this July? I wasn't shocked (he has baby fever pretty bad), and I'm definitely on board! Ava has her one year check up this week, so it looks like I'll be making an appointment for myself as well. The last time we went through this process, I wasn't blogging as traditionally as I do now. From start to finish I plan on making vlogs about our fertility process, ultrasounds, and more. I don't know what it is with us and baby number two. Seeing how perfect Ava is, and how great parenthood has been, definitely is a huge factor. Justin keeps bringing up mini vans, and more little ones.. I have a feeling we'll end up having a much bigger family than we initially planned. The best part of this entire conversation? Knowing that we are ready. Our marriage is in a very healthy place, and so are our parenting abilities. Stability in our lives is such an important factor in why we are okay with this decision.

When I say stability, I don't necessarily mean income. Of course that's important too, but having a healthy relationship is vital as well. I know that our family is healthy and ready to add another little addition. I was a little nervous about what our loved ones would say. Baby # 2 already? Leilani, you're only 23 years old!? What about school? Surprisingly, all we've received is excitement and joy! Having the support of family and friends is important to me, and I'm glad we have that. Being back home in Washington will also add to the excitement of this journey. Knowing that I'll have family and friends visiting after I deliver, being able to (hopefully) hold our new baby with Justin and Ava beside me... Man, I'm getting all choked up just thinking about it.

Look at this picture.. Can you believe it's very possible that I'll soon be taking photos of two Howl babies during bedtime stories with daddy? I can hardly wait.

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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