14 months

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Today my Ava bug is fourteen months old, and I'm pleased to say that the months seem to be slowing down just a little bit for us. I'm really hoping her second year of life doesn't go by nearly as fast as the first. Ava continues to grow and amaze both Justin and I with her extrovert personality (she gets that from both mama and daddy), her constant talking, and her exploration of foods. She loves mandarins, strawberries, and organic whole milk yogurt. Walking is pretty much a no brainer at this point, and we actually have to run a bit to keep up with her. We've introduced even more kinds of shoes (saltwater sandals are our fav), and Ava is willing to walk on just about any type of surface.

Here lately my child wants to climb on everything, and explore new heights. It puzzles me sometimes how fearless she is. She has no caution when it comes to climbing, jumping, etc. I've noticed in the last month that Ava is taking to strangers a lot more than she ever has. She'll wave, smile, or sometimes reach for someone she isn't familiar with (most times it's the grandma's that get this reaction out of her). We've also noticed that Ava has finally taken a liking to her dolls and stuffed animals. She totes her baby around all the time, and I have already purchased a sakura bloom ring sling for her (never too early to introduce baby wearing). The biggest change we've seen this past month is Ava's temperament. We are experiencing the "toddler tornados" and they are pretty heartbreaking to say the least.

When she is told that she cannot have something (and we explain *why* to her), it's like world war three. When she cannot access a certain part of the house (because it's blocked off), it's like world war three. If you take her down from something she's decided to climb on... you got it, it's like world war three. She will lean on the couch and start crying, she will throw herself down and start crying, or she will grab our legs and start crying. Justin and I remain calm and comforting whenever this occurs. Most times, all she needs is a moment to gather herself, and she'll come running for hugs or to nurse.

It honestly makes me feel so helpless knowing that my child is experiencing such strong emotions without being able to verbally communicate all that she is feeling. We don't look at tantrums as bad behavior, and we never resort to any type of discipline when it occurs. I'm actively looking for a specific type of parenting group (within attachment parenting) that focuses primarily on the toddlerhood temperaments. I want to know the ins and outs of this part of toddlerhood, so I can be a better support for Ava.

Normally, I would make a list of things we are now using with Ava, but we haven't really introduced too many new things in the past month. We have finally found the perfect "big girl" cup that works best with Ava. Munchkin Flip Straw cup is so easy, and Ava bug is extremely fond of it. Aside from that, things seem to be pretty consistent around here. I adore watching Ava pick up on new things, and I'm enjoying all the new challenges and milestones that my child's toddlerhood has to offer.  Here's another photo from the lovely Jessica Oda Photography; be on the look out for a blog post with more pictures, and a review on our experience with Jessica.

Happy Thursday all! 

♥- Leilani

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