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Sunday, September 14, 2014
This past week has been so incredibly busy for me. From the time I hit the sheets, until the time I go to bed, it feels like my days are just moving by so quickly. In an effort to talk about what we've been up to, here's a little recap of our past week.


My mom watched Ava bug for five hours in the morning, while I took Justin to his optical prep appointment. This was the first time I did not watch my baby girl wake up in the morning. It was definitely emotional, but all went well. Justin had PRK (kind of like LASIK) eye surgery, and had the entire week off from work to recover. I spent ALL day caring for both of my babies because Justin was in total pain. I also spent over three hours doing homework for a new philosophy class (so fun). Let's just say, I'm glad Monday is FAR behind us!


I spent over two hours on the phone getting Justin's company bbq in order, among other things for his company. I never knew how stressful being an FRG (family readiness group) leader could be, until I became one. Volunteer work is not easy, so kudos to those who volunteer their time just for the sake of helping out. You are appreciated! We went to home depot (bad idea just a day after eye surgery) to get a quote on the custom blinds for the new house, we got quotes on french door refrigerators, and we added up the expenses that new tools are going to cost us. Justin was still in a great deal of pain, so I spent most of Tuesday evening caring for him and Ava bug. Tuesday, was a LONG day.


Justin woke up feeling a little better. Ava bug got all signed up for baby dance class and tot gymnastics. This was also the day we first saw the "sold" sign on our new home. Words cannot describe how great Wednesday was. We walked through our soon to be home again, and we let Ava bug play around. We also decided to actively do meal planning as of Wednesday. Food is probably one of the biggest expenses we have in our home. In an effort to become even more financially sound, we aren't wasting a single penny on unnecessary items.


This was probably the easiest day we had all week. Justin was feeling better than he had since before the surgery, Ava finally cut her two bottom teeth, and this mama got her first DSLR camera. Sadly, after just three days of having the Canon T3i, I will be returning it for a full frame camera. I want to learn how to not only use the camera, but to edit the photos I take of my family. Basically Im in search of a camera that pulls all the stops. Justin bought a cut for his motorcycle club, Ava got her first pair of converse, and I also ran into a childhood friend while at the mall (it was good seeing you Angie)! We honored the fallen of 9/11 by letting off green balloons, and our family gave moments of silent out of respect.


We got up super early to take Justin in for a post op appointment. All week long he hadn't been able to drive or go outside for too long. He wasn't able to watch t.v. or use the computer either.. It's safe to say we were ALL excited for this day. I purchased Ava's halloween costume, and I scored a rain coat for Ava at the PX for $5 bucks! Everything checked out great at Justin's appointment, so in celebration we decided to take our Bug out for a mini (budgeted) shopping spree at Target! My sweet Princess is currently wearing 18 month sized pajamas.. I'm saving some of this emotion for her 16 month post. I somehow managed to master making different kinds of homemade dip for Ava Friday night. I'm constantly trying to give her healthy options for meals, even on our busy days.


This was the highlight of our week. We decided to head down to the Puyallup, I mean Washington State Fair. I still can't believe they changed the name.. We had a complete blast! Justin was in awe over all the games, vendors, and rides. We played TOO many games, got our annual photo button, and we were able to score some awesome Bronco decor! We spent over four hours "doing the Puyallup" and my child knocked out probably about an hour before we left. Justin decided to wear a Denver Bronco shirt to the fair.. it attracted sooo much attention! Mostly good though. We ended up going back to the new house for some window measurements, and each time I'm inside, it definitely feels more like home.


That brings us to today. I woke up early for grocery shopping before football, Justin is well enough to drive, so he got a haircut. Now that football is on, and the baby is napping, I'm using this time to enjoy "mama time" while I don't have a million things to do. We are having people over today, so that should be a lot of fun too.

I normally don't go almost a full week without blogging, but if you managed to read all of that, you now know why it happened. How many of my blog readers had a crazy week like mine? What are some of the highlights from your week? I'd love to hear from you by email or the comments below.

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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