Purchasing a home

Monday, September 8, 2014
The process of purchasing our first home has been emotional, confusing, and seven kinds of exciting. When we first started looking for homes, I didn't find anything that "popped" out for me. A lot of the homes we saw had *wow factors* but we always seemed to pass on them. This is actually one of the scariest decisions we've ever been faced with, and we were not going to settle until we found our dream home, or a home that had the potential to be our dream home. We looked for a couple of months, and we ended up being unsuccessful. We'd start the search back up after a couple of months, but the results were always the same.

Let's fast forward three months. I took Ava for a morning stroll in our subdivision. I went down a little farther than I normally do, and I stumbled across brand new, beautiful homes. A lot of them were under construction, so I hadn't really intended on taking a look. Let's fast forward about six weeks. I finally decided that Justin and I needed to go check these homes out. The model home was staged and ready for every possible buyer to view. As soon as we walked through the model home, I lit up completely.

Every room I saw was perfect. Open concept, marble slabs, and huge bedrooms. There was literally nothing wrong with this house. The model home fit our needs in every way possible, and the home was accommodating for a Howland family expansion (more little ones). The backyard was very decent and it had a covered patio with light beams (Justin was in love with this feature). As we made our way upstairs, I immediately turned to my husband and I said, "Let's do this!". As soon as we told the listing agent we wanted to take the next step, she handed us a preferred lender card for the man that would be helping us on our journey.

So far things with our lender have been great. I emailed him that night, and I got a phone call the next day. He gave us a pre-approval, and apparently listing agents love that. It lets them know they aren't wasting their time. After submitting a lot of other documents, our lender went over mortgage numbers, property tax numbers, and informed us of the MCC tax credit. The next day we went over and viewed the home that would soon be ours.. only to find out hours later that the home had been purchased. I was honestly crushed, but delighted to find out that there was one more home on that street with the layout we desired. It's funny how things work out because this home was even better than the last home (location wise). It put us into a cute cul-de-sac, and it gave Ava bug two neighbors her age on both sides.

After what happened before, we wasted no time getting the mutual agreement completed with the builder. They accepted our offer on the house, and now we have to wait for the VA loan process to commence. We submitted $1000 for escrow to hold because it let's the builder know we are committed buyers. The only way that the money in escrow can be kept is if our financing falls through and we had a bunch of upgrades (not the case), or if it is needed for closing costs (not the case). So far, this is where we are at. The house has to appraised in the next week, but we are hopeful everything will check out okay.

In the meantime Justin and I are researching LIKE CRAZY. We want this home to be our "forever home" so we've looked at elementary schools, we've been in contact with the company that dishes out the HOA fees, and we have been reading new home owner books. All in all this process hasn't been too bad, and we are so giddy about where we are at.

Per the request of everyone that wants to see a little more on the house.. here's a sneak peak at my future kitchen if everything falls into place! For all my blog readers, I have one request! Prayers or good vibes for us Howlands as we embark on this journey.

Happy Monday All! 

♥- Leilani

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