I love my Toddler

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Oh, goodness guys. I think it's been pretty evident that I have been enjoying the toddlerhood journey with Ava... little did I know that this chapter of her life would soon become my new favorite part of her life thus far. I know, I know. For those of my blog readers that have been along for the journey this past year, I bet you are thinking, what about the newborn love you had?! The newborn love I had for my daughter will never go away. I'll never forget her first day of life, her first week of life, or the months that would eventually graduate her from infancy. In these passing days I have just grown to love and become even more accustomed to the Ava bug we have now, and here's why.

Play time: Toddlers take play time to an entirely new level. Once your little one can walk, run, and dance, your whole world changes. At first, this was the change that made me most sad. Ava's physical development took off rather early, and I definitely wasn't ready for it. Now I can't get enough. Whether we are walking on the beach, playing hide and seek, or dancing around the living room... I just love every moment. I love watching her enjoy being active. I love watching her interact with other children, but most importantly, I love watching her growth. This past weekend we took Ava to the The Little Gym. It was an absolute hit from the start. She was in a class with several other tots in her age group, and they all just played! Sometimes they played together, other times they played in the same space... none the less my child interacts with other kids very well. No violence, no snatching, and she learned a few pointers in the sharing department. Play time takes up most of our time during the day, but as long as Bug is happy, mama is happy.

Food Time: Food has got to be the easiest thing with a toddler (aside from their picky habits). I look back on baby Ava, and I still don't know how we went six full months where her only form of nutrition was my breast milk. It's crazy to me that I was able to provide sole nutrition for her. We went from just breast milk to mainly homemade baby food, and now... Ava eats/will try whatever. I love that I don't have to puree anything anymore.. I actually haven't pureed in almost six months! I also love how each piece of food that we give her doesn't have to be cut in super small pieces. She has so many teeth now! She is going on 12 teeth to be exact. I also enjoy taking Bug out to restaurants with us. It's not a regular occurrence, but it sure is fun to order something off the menu just for our girl. It's weird to watch her drink from an Olive Garden cup, and dip her own breadsticks in the soup of the day... The stress of food had decreased immensely. We offer her new foods all the time, and it's refreshing to know that she'll eat what she wants when she's hungry.

Talk Time: Ahh, my jabber jaws. Communication is my all time favorite thing to do with my kid. Whether it's verbal or non-verbal, I feel like we have this mama/daughter language that no one else in the world knows. All Ava has to do is look at me and 98% of the time, I know what's she's saying. I'm not so sure that the same thing applies with her for me, but it sure is fun watching her guess. We can literally sit in the middle of the living room floor talking all day long. This is a fun alternative to sticking her in front of a television or trying to preoccupy her in some other way. I'll ask her a question and her little Ava words start pouring out. I know when's she happy, and I know when she' upset. I also know when she's been offended or when she's just talking to talk. I love that we are at a point in her life where she understands more of our language.

Well, that's all guys. Here's a picture of Ava and I talking the other day. I just love everything about it. Her hair, her sweet little face, and those curls! Be on the look out for the launch of my new "mom- tography" blog! I've gone back and forth whether to share it or not, so I'd love to hear your feedback in either the comments below or by email!

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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