She's 17 months old

Friday, October 17, 2014
The month of October is going much faster than I'd like.. in fact, I can't believe we only have two weeks left for this month. Ava has turned into a completely different toddler over the last four weeks. It's really more communicative milestones rather than physical changes. She understand everything, and her ability to try and say new words has advanced immensely. Even her kisses have changed. She has learned how to do the infamous "duck face" but it's cute on my toddler who's trying to give mama or daddy kisses. She has three different kinds of waves she gives. She can say the words green, yes, and bye bye. She even colors on coloring book pages without much attempt to eat the crayons! I'm blown away by Bug this month. Completely blown away. Her cognitive skills are in full gear and it's been nothing short of comical to watch her little mind work. We started working on "parts of the body" a couple weeks ago. So far, she can point to her head, belly button, and nose. She loves pointing at our eyes, lips, and toes.

She's also started this new thing where she encourages Justin or myself to get up and dance with her. She reaches out for us and loves when we twirl her around and giggle. Just the other night, Ava decided that she didn't want play time to be over... she picked up her rocking horse in an attempt to have her daddy carry it up the stairs... I could not believe it. Justin and I both bursted out in laughter. It's things like that, that have me in complete awe. I take pictures and videos pretty much daily at this point. There's so much I don't blog out (you'd be reading a novel), but I assure you things have taken off rather quickly with our girl.

During the past month we have introduced a few new things with Ava bug. These include:

Regular playdates. I'm really quite glad we did this. Ava is a social bug. She is so kind and considerate when playing with others her age, and I love it! The picture on the left shows Ava assisting her new pal Zoe with her binky. These two girls play so well together. Sharing is always encouraged, they take turns, and I think Ava is becoming a little less timid around others. She has on average around three playdates a week, and it's great for mama to get social time in too.

The time that Justin and Ava spend together.. without mama has also increased a lot over the last month. I don't feel inclined to be included in everything they do, and it's actually rather heart warming to watch Justin take their time so seriously. The whole "daddy/daughter dates" was probably the best idea he ever had. They've only had one so far, but I'm excited to see what creative ideas he comes up with for their date times. It's nice because I've been able to find more "me" time this past month.

Crafts have been at an all time high this past month. I went to Michael's and purchased princess coloring books, paints, etc. We even made turkeys to send to Ava's distant relatives. I can trust her to color on her own, and she's even pretty savvy with her sticker book. I love making crafts at home with her. It's the best way to spend our time indoors when it's rainy or cold outside. She's a great helper and I'm thrilled we've hit this stage with bug. She gets fascinated by textures and colors quite often.

Of all the major things, I'd say those three things pretty much cover it. For now we continue to learn even more parts of the body (she's working on ears as of tonight), ABC flashcards, baby's first 100 words, and little learning tools like that. Ava loves dance class, but we opted out of gymnastics for her. Being social has been the primary focus this past month for sure. I just realized that I've made 17 posts like this since I started blogging (obviously) and although Ava is growing and changing.. one thing has remained steadfast. She is happy 99% of the time. Justin says this at least once a day. She's a very happy, vibrant, loving child. I had to sneak that in there. We are blessed guys. She's an easy peasy kid and we love her to bits!

Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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