Daddy/Daughter Dates

Monday, October 13, 2014
Can I just say that I absolutely love four day weekends? Seriously. I love that Justin gets these every so often from work. I know Ava bug is a fan too. When daddy's off, it's always a good time in the Howland house. Tickles in the morning, daddy's homemade pancakes, and lots of extra playtime. This weekend Justin mentioned that he is ready to incorporate more time geared towards him and Ava. We do multiple activities as a family, so it melted my heart a little bit when he suggested that idea. He's going around calling it his daddy/daughter date days.. hence the name of this blog post. How sweet is that?

The first one will actually happen today, and I'm really excited to see how it goes. There is an unlimited amount of things they could do on a Monday afternoon. Children's museum, frozen yogurt, stroll in the park, etc. I'm really glad that while they are bonding, this mama gets a little "me" time in the process. It's definitely a win/win for everyone. I guess the point of me blogging this topic was to express my gratitude. I admire the distance Justin goes in order to bond even more with his daughter. He's so happy and eager to be more involved (if that's possible) when it comes to teaching Ava something new, or taking her out on the town. Even when it comes to baby-wearing or pushing her in the stroller.. daddy wants to be the one to do it. Being a mommy is more than a full-time gig, and I really do appreciate my husband putting just as much effort into parenting as I do.

Sometimes I'll just sit and watch these two interact. I'll hear Justin say, "Do you know you are the most beautiful Ava bug in the world?" I just smile because he's said those same words to her just about her entire life. It's little things he does with her that tug at my heart strings. I'm excited to watch this new tradition between these two unravel. I think it's important that Justin and I both foster individual bonds with our kid. I also believe that the bonding process can start at any age. Take a look at some of the moments I've captured this past week. Daddy helps with everything around here, and we are blessed to have him! How many of my readers have these type of date days in their household? Do any mama's have incorporated date dates with their littles? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or by email.

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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