Investing in Leilani

Monday, November 24, 2014
I have never in my life felt more determined, more inspired, or more motivated to allow myself to chase my dreams. You know when you're in your adolescence and people ask you what you want to be? You probably responded with something like a lawyer, the president, or a doctor? As most of us got older those types of aspirations either changed, or they felt out of reach. I'm told this is a pretty normal occurrence as we can never determine the bumps in the road that life is going to hit us with. The only issue I have with that notion is why most of us never get back to chasing those dreams we once had, if we still have a desire to achieve them. Why a lot of us become "comfortable" rather than pushing ourselves to our full capabilities? The past four years of my life have been all about redefining myself. Figuring out who I am as a mother, who I am as a friend, as a believer, and as a wife. In finding myself in all that brings me joy, I became a better version of me. I saw first hand what growth can really do for a person.

Now that I've really accepted change as a good thing in my life, I keep reminding myself that I am not done investing in Leilani. What that really means (for me) is, Alright mama, reach for the stars. I think everyone knows I'm currently wrapping up a bachelor's degree and then moving onto a master's degree... education is not the only type of success I see for myself. With blogging, motivational speaking, and sharing my stories with complete strangers all over the nation, I have found a passion for making myself available to others. With being that person that encourages them to pursue whatever it is that they deem worthy. I can't tell you how absolutely amazing it feels to get an email, or a stop in the grocery store because someone read something I wrote/saw me speak and they were moved. They were inspired. I like helping people come to these realizations. I wasn't always this way, so to find another passion that makes my heart completely overjoyed is an amazing feeling.

I'm not really sure what direction I can take this in, but I fully intend to explore this passion through and through. This is one of my favorite parts about life you guys. You can fall in love with so many things for yourself. Knowing that this will happen throughout my lifetime has me giddy and excited. In light of this good mood, I am booking a photo session just for me. Yes, photos of me, in my essence, in my skin, just me. Since picking up photography as a hobby, I cannot express how important documentation has become to me. I say this a lot, and will continue to express the importance of snapping photos. It's much more than a pretty picture guys! I always write about "fine tuning" in relationships, motherhood, and life.. I think sometimes I fail to remind myself that one of the most important parts of the equation is fine tuning yourself. It's not that I forget about me, but sometimes this mama gets consumed with all the other joys life has, and that is quite alright with me. It makes these times even more special for me. Prepare to watch me step out and shine with whatever goals that stem off of this new dream of mine!

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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