Saturday, December 20, 2014
It's almost midnight and instead of sleeping can you guess what I'm doing? If your guess was packing, you are absolutely correct. We are taking our first annual trip (as a family) down to the good old city of Leavenworth, Washington to watch the lighting of the tree. I feel like I'm packing for a week long vacation and it's kind of ridiculous how much stuff we are taking with us. Ava came down with some type of stomach bug and she threw up like three different times yesterday. It's not been concerning to me (or else we wouldn't be going), but I am a little nervous to see if the bug let's up, or if it's going to be problematic. She kept down all of her solid foods yesterday, but she threw up when she consumed large amounts of water. We didn't brave any milk products, so we are going to be monitoring her super closely during our trip. Surprisingly this kid didn't even have a fever.. she's behaving normally, but she has been wanting to cuddle MORE than the norm lately.. I basically haven't been detached from her in almost 24 hours... I love it, but I hate that she's probably not feeling the best.

The trip itself is almost three whole hours.. I'm not looking forward to that in the least. I used Ava's cute little luggage bag to pack away books, toys, and lots of coloring materials. I'm hoping that between me sitting in the back with her and all the entertainment I brought along, that we will have a decent trip. We are also leaving during her nap time and I'm hoping she sleeps well over an hour and a half of the trip. She's a really good kid in the car, but these last couple months have been a little trickier with her rear facing. I know she absolutely hates it most days, but we have been firm on not switching her until... well, I'll like to keep her turned around for as long as possible. The lowest goal I've set is 24 months, and we are only five months shy of reaching it. She fits the height and weight requirement for front facing, but I'm really not ready to take that leap quite yet. If any of my parental readers have yet to educate themselves on extended rear facing, I highly recommend doing so right now! It's important to know all the ways we can keep our tiny humans safe.

Because Ava has this stomach thing, I've packed a lot of bland foods for the trip. Zero milk products, saltines, chicken broth, and chicken noodle soup. I did stash some gold fish and I plan to bring blueberries.. I just don't want her stomach to get upset on the road. I packed plenty of throw up bags and about four different outfits.. can you tell I'm a mama? Always planning for the unexpected. I actually remembered to charge my camera battery (whoop whoop), and I'm just super excited to start this tradition with my daughter and her daddy. This time of year is my absolute favorite, and with all the emotions whirling this week, this family definitely needs a fun distraction. I plan on posting pictures of our "mini road trip" on instagram (which I never do), since I won' be on a computer for a little while. If you don't already follow me on instagram (and I know you personally), use the link on the right side of my blog. Hopefully I'll have great news to report about our trip and all that we learned in this cute little German town. Take a look at where we will be:

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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