Cold Turkey

Saturday, January 31, 2015
Rather than easing into such a tough transition, I decided to wean my toddler AND get her setup in her own room without any type of long term transitioning. I have technically been "weaning" for over six months, and I now know that nothing is going to stop my child from nursing, other than taking it away completely. The same applies for co-sleeping. Ava will take naps in her toddler bed (if she's already asleep when she gets put in there), but she would never really lay in her own bed at night. Not even when she fell asleep prior to being put in. It wasn't until tonight that I felt 100% ready to take the leap that was desperately needed. Here is a list of the things Justin and I did to achieve our first successful night.
  • Getting Bug ready for bed a little earlier in case we were in for a long night.
  • No co-showering with mom, baths in her bathroom, solo.
  • Getting ready for bed in her nice (big) toddler room.
  • Giving her lots of love and letting her see we were right beside her (on the floor) with our own sleep stuff.
  • Putting her favorite music on for added comfort. Super low and nothing with a fast beat.
  • laying her down in her bed (several times) telling her she was going to sleep in the big girl bed. 
  • Whenever she got up, we put her right back in her bed. 
  • Rubbing her back (for all of five minutes)
After all of the above, Ava went down to sleep with zero issues. A couple days ago we tried purchasing pacifiers in an attempt to give her another form of comfort, but she only played around with them when she was awake. She didn't even use them the way they are intended, so I wasn't feeling very confident about them. Ava would put them to the side of her mouth and chew.. kind of like a teether. When we tried to give her one this evening during bedtime, she threw the pacifier off the side of her bed. On the upside to that, I'm excited that we won't have to wean her from something else later down the road! This is the routine that we are going to try each night until Ava no longer needs us in her room. I'm so very proud of Ava bug and definitely proud of my husband and I. Prolonging this change made it so much harder than it needed to be. Toddlers need good sleep and it was up to us to implement good sleep behavior. I still can't believe how easy it was to actually do this. Minimal drama, sleeping beauty baby, and mama is not feeling emotional about the change in the slightest! I'll keep you posted over the next week, but it looks like we've got more than enough room for another baby in the Howland house now! 

How many of my readers have weaned their toddlers from either co-sleeping or breastfeeding? What did you do to transition your kiddos? Any special techniques you found that worked? Leave me some feedback in the comments below or by email. 

Happy Saturday all! 

♥- Leilani

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