Terrible Twos

Monday, January 26, 2015
I've never been fond of the coined term "terrible twos" but I'm aware of how it became so popular. My toddler is officially in that unstable, emotional, irrational phase of life, and it has been nothing short of (at times) entertaining, frustrating, and emotional for the parents. We aren't full fledged into this new phase, but Ava bug has definitely dabbled her feet in it. This past week Justin and I have spent a lot of time discussing new parenting methods moving forward that would adequately fit Ava bug's behavior. I'm proud to say that we've come up with some great solutions and this would also be the reason why this mama blogger has been a bit MIA these last few days. Family priorities were definitely underway and I never usually mind a bit of a technology hiatus! It all started a little over a week ago. I'm not sure if it's the inconsistency since we've moved (getting everything back to our normal routine), the fact that she cut her toddler molars (yay), or maybe just a mixture of everything in her world right now, but bug has been letting us know through emotional fits. When she's unhappy, the entire house knows she's unhappy. She gets really offended-like, cups her hands over her face and immediately starts bawling or giving us that toddler jibber jabber.

We try not to console her immediately, as we want her to self-soothe and attempt to work it out herself. Most times, this works for us. She'll collect herself and come to us for hugs or kisses. Other times, it takes mom or dad intervening in order for her to find that "calm place" after a fit. It's so weird having this stage finally happen. I'll be the first to admit that I was a little naive when it comes to discipline because I never thought we'd have to... I know, I know... I probably should have realized this day would come sooner or later. We had the perfect infant and the first (almost) 18 months were so easy peasy, I thought my kiddo could do no wrong. She's so much more daring now. She tests the limits with just about anything and I know it's her way of learning about the world around her. We still don't hit her, but I do get stern when I'm being serious about something with her. We make sure not to yell, scream, or talk down to her when we become stern though. A voice change ALONE will cause Ava to go into emotional distress. Especially if that voice comes from her daddy.

You can tell she doesn't like it, and I absolutely hate doing it, but I want my child to know what's right and what's wrong. For the most part I think that's where the real change lies. Just Ava *trying* to do whatever she wants, even when she knows she probably shouldn't. I'm most proud of Justin throughout it all. He has so much patience with Ava and he picks up where I fall short. I'm not used to being this way with our girl and at times it makes my heart hurt. I still sometimes look at her like that 5lb 11 ounce baby I gave birth to, and I desperately need to stop. My toddler that's attempting to stick her entire arm in the peanut butter jar is not that little infant. My toddler that "helps" the puppy drink by pouring his water bowl on him is not that little infant. My toddler that thinks pulling every DVD out of it's case is helping mama is most certainly not that little infant. Some of the things she does actually give me a laugh (on the inside) and she reminds me so much of the stories I've heard about me when I was her age.

Because of all that's changing in our lives right now, we made the decision to document it all. I am all about writing about my life and I thought what better way to work out the new changes in our girl than writing them down? I plan to give this journal to her someday with hopes that it may help her with her own little ones. Justin is going to do this as well. Then she'll have some daddy perspective on this stage of toddlerhood too. I love that we can do things like this in our family. I also found this super cute Paris journal for a whopping two dollars that matches her toddler bedroom perfectly! Check it out:

How many of my readers have a toddler going through this phase? How did you go about handling the new changes? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or by email.

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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