Friday, April 3, 2015
Easter is right around the corner and I've had several people ask me what exactly I'm "loading" Ava's Easter basket with this year. With Justin being gone, I really procrastinated with brining her basket together (sorry Ava bug), but none the less it is prepped and ready to go for the weekend. I started out by using our Pottery Barn Easter Basket Liner, so all I had to do was look for a new basket. We still have her basket from last year, but I ended up using it as a prop for her Easter pictures. We definitely skipped the Easter bunny this year after last year's fiasco. The liner has her name monogrammed on it, and I love that we can use it annually. It's pretty, pink, and definitely fitting for my sweet girl. The next thing I did was hop on amazon. This is my go to site for all things toddler related. With Amazon prime, we get free two day shipping.. I love it more than going to a retail store (most of the time). Amazon had a wide variety of potential goodies for us this year. I started out with looking through their books. We love giving Ava bugs on any occasion.. even just a Tuesday. Last year we only bought books that were about Easter, this year I bought books that were sequels to books she already had. I also added some egg chalk to be festive, bunny bubbles, a bunny stuffed animal, bunny ears, and tons of Easter eggs.

We don't give Ava chocolate or any other candies, so the eggs are filled with stickers! She loves playing with them, and I do think it'll be fun for her to find them through the yard. This year we have three Easter's to attend and Ava's first Easter sermon. I'm excited to be spending this very special holiday with those we love most, while enjoying good company and good food as well. So there you have it, the bulk of things that we put in our child's Easter basket. I've really loved packing it up with things that aren't perishable, things that she can use right now, and items that we can keep forever. It really makes loading up the basket so much more fun.

What are some of the things that you put in your child's Easter basket? Does your family have some type of tradition? Let me know in the comments below or by email! In the meantime, check out the amazon links I provided for some of the things I've listed. Feel free to try out Amazon prime two day shipping with their *30 day free trial*

Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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