Easter (recap)

Monday, April 6, 2015
Oh my goodness you guys! Let me just start out with saying that this weekend was seriously one of the busiest weekends I have had in the past month. Easter with Ava was nothing short of amazing and I can't believe my sweet girl rocked the shaky schedule as well as she did. Let's do a little recap of how our weekend festivities played out. On Saturday we woke up and immediately headed downstairs for our morning routine. We ate a light breakfast and we were out the door by 11 a.m. I stopped to pick up thank you flowers for my best friend's mom (she watched Ava the day before while I went out and got a pedicure), and we headed over to a HUGE chamorro style Easter get together. There were so many people there, I wasn't sure how Ava was going to do. There were over a dozen kids there, some a lot older than her. The youngest baby was just six months old, and Ava absolutely loved her. She also grew fond of an (almost) one year old, and mimicked her army crawl all over the living room. We got there before a lot of people (believe it or not) so Ava watched her god mother cook in the kitchen, and she explored the house and the faces she hadn't seen before.

A couple hours had passed and after socializing and feasting, Ava participated in her first Easter egg hunt. They had two different egg hunts on Saturday. One for the toddlers and another for the older kids. I think there were like three or four toddlers Ava's age for the first egg hunt. Ava collected more eggs than her basket would hold and she ended up taking away the golden egg! The golden egg had five dollars in it, but Ava was more interested in kissing the egg, than claiming her prize. It was the cutest thing ever! She ventured off a lot without me, and somehow that ended up being okay with me. I hate to admit it, but my toddler can most definitely hold her own in a social setting. I was proud of both of us for not being stuck to one another like usual. We ended our Saturday with more food, a sleep over, and god mama cuddles! We didn't get home until after six and Ava hadn't napped at all on Saturday. She completely knocked out after her bath, and I was grateful since I knew that Sunday was going to be equally as busy.

Sunday we woke up earlier than I anticipated and the first thing Ava did was go through her Easter basket downstairs. She was in complete awe. It was so sweet to watch her delicately touch everything. She was in awe of the basket, her basket liner, her bunny... you get the picture. She loved the chalk and she absolutely loved her book and bubbles most of all. Easter basket time led into breakfast and we got ready to head out for our Easter church service. Ava hasn't been to my church since just before she was a year old, so I was a little nervous on how a toddler in church would go down. To my surprise she did amazing. She had her hands in the air and she swayed as we worshiped and praised. It brought tears to my eyes. Towards the end of the sermon we migrated into the nursery because Ava didn't want to sit down. The nursery has a flat screen for the mom's to tune into the service, and a whole lot of toys for the babies to play with. Ava's new little friend baby P joined us shortly after, and Ava was completely in awe of her. Watching my daughter with a six month old literally made my ovaries ache! Babies are definitely on the noggin as of now. Ava helped out so much with the little one and that made my heart so happy.

She knew just what to do with the baby. She tried to burp her, she tried to help feed her, and she held her. She loved on her. For an only child, I was in complete awe at how well Ava had mastered all of this. It took me a moment to really get it, but she mastered it so well because that's how Justin and I are with her. We deal with her delicately. With ease. Anywho, we topped off our afternoon with an Easter lunch and we spent the rest of our evening outdoor enjoying chalk art and other Easter goodies the babe got. A little before 7 p.m. Ava signaled to me to let me know she was tired, so we actually got ready for bed a lot sooner than normal. My child was out by 730 p.m. last night and I knew it was because of all that we had going on this weekend. Although we had SO much fun, I'm glad that we are getting back to our normal schedule.

Take a look at Ava grabbing her eggs:

♥- Leilani

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