16 weeks

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
16 weeks came up pretty quickly, but I'm pretty sure chasing a toddler and preparing for Justin to come back home made the time pass by even quicker. A lot of my facebook readers already know this, but we did indeed find out the gender of our miracle bean yesterday morning! It was our intention to share the news immediately, but it looks like we are going to wait until our gender reveal photos are taken this week. Our sweet baby is healthy and growing perfectly! Watching all of the movements yesterday really got me emotional. I had my 16 week check up this morning and aside from being down 25 lbs since this pregnancy started, not much has changed. Baby's heartbeat is strong, my morning sickness is pretty much non-existent, BUT I did develop a uti.. I am completely prone to them in pregnancy. Here's hoping the antibiotics don't cause any sickness to flare up. Check out the 16 week pregnancy update!

How far Along16 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Miracle Bean, Liam (We strongly think baby bean is  a boy)

Size of babyAn avocado 

Gender Prediction: Boy, because this pregnancy is so different than my pregnancy with Ava bug

Symptoms: some fatigue, heartburn, and ligament pains

Best moment this week: Finding out the gender of our sweet bean

Movement: Baby moves a ton during the afternoon

Food Cravings: Pickles and olives

Food Aversions: Pasta, anything white sauced based (so long fettuccine Alfredo)

What I Miss: Being able to cuddle my husband AND sleep comfortably at the same time

Sleep: Since getting the snoogle, sleep has been fantastic. Cuddle time however, has been challenging during bedtime. 

Justin: He spent his first real chunk of time in this pregnancy away from us these past few week, and showing his support from a distance took some adjusting for us both. He was so elated when he saw our baby on the ultrasound yesterday. He's never seen a baby past a 6 week ultrasound, so it was emotional for all of us. He was able to join us at my 16 week check up today, and he's been rocking the paternal support so incredibly well! Definitely glad to have him home. 

What I am looking forward to this week: Having our gender reveal photos taken

Happy or moody most of the time: Since the constant upchucking stopped, I have been so incredibly happy. Even with the symptoms I do have, the second trimester has given me such bliss in my life and this pregnancy. I'm just feeling extremely grateful, blessed, and thankful for this growing baby and the love we have in our home. 

Here are a couple pictures from my ultrasound yesterday. I did get about a dozen, but I plan on scrapbooking most of them, including the gender shot photos.15 weeks and 6 days:

♥- Leilani

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