Including Baby girl # 2

Monday, August 17, 2015
Things have changed rather suddenly and almost without my recognition this weekend. I talk about my pregnancy with Bean throughout the day, so imagine my surprise when I realized my entire family was including our growing babe as if she was already here too. This weekend we had a lot of errands to run, and on my errands list, baby bean's name was written. When I was talking to my two year old about all we had to do, I said, "Well, we have to pick up a few things for your sister first." I hadn't even noticed that I began saying things like that, as if I'd been saying it forever. When we were shopping for Baby, we included Ava and let her know that the things we were picking out were for her sister. She helped, willingly! It was so great. We found a super cute boppy, my best friend bought baby girl some of her first newborn outfits, and we even tested out pack and plays for our downstairs living area. I find it so cute that Justin talks about this growing girl as if she's already here too. In Babies R Us, he kept saying things like, "Well Ava and baby girl would look so cute in this." I've also noticed that it is a family job to bust out the fetal doppler and ultrasound gel. We usually sit in Justin's "man cave" and Ava helps with the gel while daddy looks for Bean's heartbeat.

I finally started working on her scrapbook this weekend too. We have decided to keep baby # 2's color schemes purple, since Ava is all pink.. I like it, a lot. I never liked purple much before, but knowing it's going to be around our house so much.. I have definitely warmed up to it. I purchased fabric for my new sewing machine, so I can make Bean's first baby blanket. We also made that a family thing. Ava, naturally grabbed everything with the frozen print... it's actually rather fitting considering she has a sister of her own on the way. We walked up and down the isles of hobby lobby and I spent most of that trip daydreaming about my family of four. All of the Halloween and Christmas decor is already on the sales floor, and I got so giddy thinking about how close we will to meeting our second addition when those holidays roll around.

Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks, and I plan on making a pregnancy highlight. Normally I do one every four weeks, but now that I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy, I plan on making them every two weeks. I haven't decided wether or not I want to do belly pictures this time around. It's actually harder to do with my digital camera, but I prefer it over my iPhone pictures. I might have Justin take one each week for me. I love being able to remember these moments by documenting them. Here lately I've been thinking more about our trying to conceive days, and how crushed I was during the month of March when I found out I wasn't pregnant. Justin had just left for school, I was left to deal with the bad news alone, and a large part of me was devastated it hadn't happened in the exact time that we wanted it to.

I smile when I think about how grateful I am for those negative lines that month. Because of that month, and not being successful, I wasn't sure that April would bring us any more luck than last. I was optimistic, but extremely realistic. I will never forget seeing those positive lines on Mother's day. our little girl came to us exactly when we needed her, not when we wanted her. The best things in life are truly given to us by chance. My girls are both proof of that for me. Before I get anymore sappy, check out the sweet little onesie we picked out for our sweet girl. I have shamelessly admitted to liking the idea of our girls matching (like my parents did for my sister and I), and buying cute little monogrammed shirts that remind them that they are sisters!

Happy Monday all! 

♥- Leilani

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