The "Happy Stuff"

Monday, October 19, 2015
The vast majority of this weekend was completely draining. I hadn't felt that drained in... it has honestly been years. It was one thing after another, and I'm pretty sure my Saturday consisted of mainly tears. I let myself feel everything, and I'm glad I did. I woke up Sunday with a clear mind, a happy heart, and a big smile. I have probably written this blog about six different times, and currently have six different drafts.. I wasn't sure if I should over share, under share, or just give you the basics. Ultimately I decided I was going to write about the happy stuff. Why? Because the entire time Justin has been gone, all I can bring myself to do is write about the woes.. especially when there is SO much good going on in our lives right now.

Ava bug has always loved animals, but has recently taken a further interest in them. Right now her fascination is alligators and elephants. She loves saying the animal name, mimicking their sounds, and pointing them out wherever we seem them. It really is an awesome sight to witness her growth and fascination. I have always said that, but it literally stops everything in my world when she wants to absorb so much more information about anything. Olivia has been kicking up a storm these last few days and I can feel that she's gotten bigger. Her kicks are strong, they keep me grounded, and I just feel so completely blessed to be carrying this little girl. I ordered the rest of her essentials this past week, so we are Olivia ready as of now. I think I only have minor things to get at this point, and I might invest in a few more cloth pocket diapers.

As for all the good with me, there is a ton to be happy about today. #1, reuniting with Justin is so much closer at this point. I cannot wait to have my better half back. #2, I will be 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and then it's one week until we hit the third trimester! #3, I fired, and hired a new birth photographer (long story)! I was dealing with a bit of unprofessionalism from the birth photographer I originally booked with, and there were so many red flags.. I'm just glad we made the switch well before my due date. The photographer we have now, she was my initial go to when I first started looking. I went against my better judgement, and I vow to NEVER in my life do that again. I have built up such a great rapport with Bonnie, and her work is completely beautiful. If you haven't heard of her in the PNW, Bonnie Hussey is her name and she's been featured on the Today show, among other credible features.

#4, this mama is taking a small hiatus (but very much needed) break from school. Granted it's only for a month, but a break is a break. #5, I ordered matching Christmas photos outfits for Ava and I, and aside from the fact that she now has 3 different dresses for the holiday, I am pretty sure I have the colors and outfits all figured out. #6, I just ordered a new birthing ball, some third trimester organic teas, and a new yoga video to keep my calm that much more calm. Nothing outside of my family is more important than my sanity, peace of mind, and overall zen. I have to keep reminding myself that pregnant Leilani needs to slow down sometimes and take it easy. Hopefully all the pregnant essential I purchased will help with that a bit.

As you can see, there is a ton of good going on over here. Ava still gets to face time and say her hellos and goodnights to her daddy, as well as look at the daily selfies he sends. That has been such a god send with his field training. I can text and talk to Justin pretty regularly, and I am just so thankful for the great communication overall. This afternoon Ava and I were invited to bowl with the Commander's wife and their two girls, so I'm hoping this happy momentum is a trend for the week!

Here's a picture from this morning. Ava was so stunned to see me pop out my camera! I just love the stunned look on her face. We are definitely enjoying this fall weather.

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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