Olivia: 7 months old

Sunday, August 21, 2016
What happened to the last month of our lives? Seriously though. Olivia's growth has definitely hit an all time high and i feel like my little infant isn't such an infant anymore. We started solid foods last month, so I know that has something to do with it.. and the fact that my child is closer to being one year old than her actual birthdate. She wants so badly to play alongside her older sister and do everything Ava does. I feel like that's a motivating drive for her as well. She see's her big sister running, jumping, and facing no limitations... I have no doubt in my mind that Olivia is ready to do ALL those things.

Clothes: Olivia is still in 9 month clothing, but I have been shopping for 12 months. Our child is past the 98th percentile for all of her stats from her last well baby; needless to say, I feel like she'll be in 12 month clothing before we know it. I've been choosing outfits for Olivia that match her big sister's clothes as well! I am so excited to see these sisters match one another. I'm also extremely excited to watch Olivia wear more of Ava's old baby clothes. I am so incredibly glad we held onto everything. 

Health: Olivia was introduced to three new people this past week - her nana, her uncle, and her uncle's girlfriend.. who traveled to us via airplane.. I think some nasty germs made their way into our home with their visit because Miss Olivia (and her big sister) are sick. It isn't minor, in fact it's the worst cold I've ever seen our Livy bean have. She isn't miserable, but it's never fun to watch your baby go through a sick period. This will be Olivia's third cold in 7 months of her life. Aside from this cold, Olivia is in excellent health. Our girl weighs 18 pounds and 6.5 ounces, she's 25 inches long, and the doc says she's growing wonderfully! 

Feeding: Olivia is still nursing just as much as she did prior to us introducing solids. She doesn't really like food fed to her, but she will eat the solids that are put on her highchair tray. We still introduce a new food to her every three days, with hopes that she may take a liking to these baby purees. So far we've tried over 5 different fruits, 5 veggies, and peach banana oatmeal. I am really shocked at how reluctant Olivia is about food. When she does have food in her mouth, she sort of makes the chewing motion as if she has teeth or something. It's so adorable! 

Sleep: I have noticed that our little girl likes to be awake more during the day. This past week she has been waking up around 8am and not taking her first nap until closer to 11am. That is not like her normal schedule at all. Olivia has never not taken a nap within the first couple hours of waking. Because her first nap was so late, her second nap was also late. It totally threw us all off schedule. She was napping later into the evening, which made bedtime later for her as well. We've only had a couple of days like that, so I'm hoping that it was just a fluke? If not, we definitely have to evaluate our normal to accommodate both kiddos.

Milestones: We have got ourselves a full blown crawling, pulling up on things, talking (mama, dada, nana, baba) and unassisted standing (For about 2 seconds) 7 month old baby girl. We are so proud and grateful for all the milestones Olivia hits. The day she started crawling was also the day she started sitting up on her own. Less than a week later, Olivia was pulling up on anything she cold get her hands on... then she just let's go and will stand there by herself for just a couple of seconds. Stranger danger or separation anxiety has definitely hit full blown. If you walk away from more than a second, Olivia is crawling after you (usually in tears). She absolutely does not like when mama is out of sight and will actually scream a little to let you know she's mad.

Things You Love: Crawling after objects that you can pull up on. Your big sister's tea time chairs are your favorite thing to pull up on. You also like pulling up on the entertainment center, the couch, and often times your sister's toy bin. You love having your feet and tummy kissed or tickled. You also love when someone is holding your hand. Bath time has become interesting, as we have been using the inflatable duck in the tub so you can sit while we bathe you. Feeding is a treat because you love being able to clap your hands in any puree of food. You still love peek-a-boo, you have taking a liking to the show "Little Einsteins" and you love being close to your mama at all times.

♥- Leilani

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