Not Alone

Monday, August 22, 2016
Last night was rough. I mean it was really rough. Both girls are currently sick (we just found out Ava was sick last night) and we are exhausted. Yesterday, I could tell something was off with Ava. Her face looked a bit sunken in, she wasn't being her normal active, bouncing up and down three year old self. She wasn't hungry, she looked exhausted to be honest. We had a really busy last three days, so part of me just assumed that it was due to being on the go so much.. but then as the night progressed, my mommy instincts just knew that my little girl was sick. Justin didn't think so at first, but I knew. Olivia has had congestion, a runny nose, and coughs for the last 2-3 days? So i knew with her cold we just had to let it ride its course. 

We put Ava to bed last night and I kept telling Justin that she was going to puke. To my surprise, she didn't. In fact, Ava made her way into our room after midnight just wanting to cuddle... then literally moments after she got cozy in our bed.. VOMIT! I knew it. I knew it was coming. I was able to turn her body towards the end of the bed so the vomit was on the floor and not our bed. She did get some on the pillow she was using, but other than that- our bed was puke free ( I still changed the bedding, the pillows, and sanitized EVERYTHING). Justin carried her into the bathroom so she could finish puking in the toilet. I immediately go to work on cleaning up the vomit that was inches away from the bassinet Olivia was fast asleep in. 

I have such a weak stomach for stuff like this, but when it comes to my kids.. I just suck it up and get the job done. I could tell that Ava had nothing left to puke up - partially by the contents that were on our bedroom floor and because I couldn't hear anything from the bathroom. Justin ran Ava a lukewarm bath and let her just enjoy the water while I cleaned up. I put a load of the vomit laundry in the washer, washed my hands, and then immediately went into the bathroom to bathe Ava. While I was doing that, Olivia woke up.. I'm sure it was due to the fact that our BRIGHT bedroom lights were shining on her face. Luckily, Justin was there to scoop her up and cuddle her. 

I knew she wanted to nurse, so we had to switch kiddos after I got Ava out of the bathtub. I quickly got Ava dressed in her vomit free pajamas and all three of us girls settled into fresh sheets while Justin used the spot cleaner to take away the lovely strawberry stained vomit spot from the side of our bed. Both girls immediately fell asleep even with the loud noises of the spot cleaner blaring in our room. In those moments, I actually got emotional. 

Emotional because I am so thankful that my husband was there. Don't get me wrong, I can tell he definitely misses being on the line with his combat brothers, but this recruiting assignment has been a god sent for our entire family. There have been many a puke nights where it was just me cleaning up after our little girl. Where it was just  me trying to juggle everything all at one time. Every night that I lay my head on my pillow, Justin is right beside me. I can't tell you how amazing it feels not to be alone. I know this might not last forever, but I'm relishing in the fact that it's our current situation.

♥- Leilani

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