Baby Led Weaning

Monday, August 29, 2016
Olivia has been eating solid foods for just over a month now, and it has become very apparent that she does not prefer foods being fed to her. She also doesn't really care for puree baby foods all that much either. We even tried to pour puree food on the highchair cover for her to possibly grab and eat herself.. both messy and very ineffective. So here we are sitting in the same position that we were with Ava bug just three years prior. With Ava, we continued to push purees and eventually she just jumped on board. Justin and I decided we didn't want to take that route with Olivia. Thus the reason decided to look into baby led weaning. 

Some of you might be wondering: What is baby led weaning?

“Baby Led” is an approach to weaning and introducing solid foods to your baby.
Introducing solids to your baby using “table foods” rather than purees is what baby led weaning is all about. I will be honest, I associated alll the negative stigmas with baby led weaning. More so because I've heard SO many incidents where babies are choking, (in some cases) dying, and overall not having good experiences with being fed table food without proper precaution. I've also never been comfortable giving our babies solid foods when they don't have teeth to chew. With all this in mind, we decided to take a leap and start Olivia off on a very, very ripe banana. Each piece of banana was the size of about a pea (or a tad larger, at first). To our surprise, she picked up every single piece given to her and ate it. Without trouble. Without hesitation.
I then decided to make the ripe banana pieces slightly larger - about the size of three baby puffs stacked together. Our girl did wonderfully with those sized pieces as well. After watching Olivia eat an entire portion of banana, we realized this would be how our daughter would be eating her foods from here on out. 
This afternoon (after her nap), I tried the same route with pears. TOTAL HIT. She loved it, ate most of it, and lunchtime ended with a happy baby Livy! 
♥- Leilani

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