Olivia: 11 months old

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
My heart is heavy today, just so incredibly heavy. The days have been creeping up on us so quickly - without warning. Our sweet Livy bean is 11 months old today and we are just 30 days away from celebrating her first year of life. I keep asking myself, how did we get here? Like seriously. I know this last month is going to go by just as quickly as the rest but that hasn't stopped me from getting so, so emotional about watching my littlest babe graduate infancy and move into toddlerhood. I feel like the last eleven months have gone by at a warp speed rate. I mean.. wasn't I just blogging bits of my birth experience with her not that long ago? Even though I'm not prepared to deal with all the growth, I did go ahead and buy Olivia's first birthday outfit, cake smash outfit, and I booked studio space so I can take her photos myself. Without further ado, the 11 month update for my sweet girl.

Clothes: Olivia still wears 12 month clothing, but a lot of 18 month clothing fits her well too. I like how many clothing options she has because of her current in between size. She fits most of the weight for 18 month clothing, but she's still on the shorter side and things tend to hang off her little fit in the larger sized clothes. With winter approaching, I've been able to layer and bundle her up - I absolutely love it! 

Health: Our last update my sweet girl had a cold... wouldn't you know her AND her big sister AND her father AND me are all sick AGAIN. We are being slammed like you wouldn't believe. Olivia is such a trooper though. She's got a runny nose, a little congestion, but that hasn't slowed her down one bit. She's eating normally, sleeping normally, and playing around the house like normal as well. We are so grateful for the resiliency our baby girl has. 

Feeding: We don't even second think what we feed Olivia almost all the time. If Ava has it, Olivia can have it too. I don't do anything dairy (just because we aren't there yet), but noodles, fruit, and veggies have no limits. Olivia LOVES food so much and will easily eat everything off her high chair. 

Sleep: I can't rave enough about how great of a sleeper our girls are. Olivia goes down around 8 or so and she stays down until about 745am or 8am. Sometimes it varies depending on if a certain preschooler in the house is intentionally being loud or not. I feel like Olivia will be going from two naps to one very soon here. This week I have noticed that she can go for longer stretches in the morning without needing a nap. Ava was the same way when she kicked her two naps a day routine. Either way, I'm so happy that we have such great consistency with sleep.  

Milestones: Dancing has been the biggest change since last month. Olivia will twirl, turn, and clap to any good beat. She loves dancing with her big sister and daddy. It is absolutely the sweetest sight to see. Our walker is trying to become a runner as of late, she loves staying up to speed with Ava. Olivia gives such great kisses, hugs, and she waves ALL the time. Anything you do, she will easily try to mimic. She's just so incredibly smart and receptive for such a young babe. She can also shake her head no, she's started watching t.v. shows with her older sib, and she loves playing with little people. Watching her actually try to play instead of just shoving toys in her mouth - big growth over here for sure! We have also noticed a switch in temperament. Our sweet girl isn't as big as a fussy gus in the car like she was even just two months ago. Mama could cry big happy tears because we are OVER that hurdle! 

Things You Love: You love music so much. You dance, bob your head, and move to the beat whenever you hear a song you like. You still love food and I LOVE that you are a foodie! You constantly grab at my plate or daddy's because you are so curious about all the foods we have. You love your big sister Ava and will run and hug her whenever she is near you. You two are so incredibly beautiful together. You love playing with big sissy's Sofia the first vanity set and you've taken a liking to Melissa and Doug puzzles too. You love knocking over mama's laundry piles when she's trying to be productive (it actually is pretty cute). You love putting daddy's bronco hats on and emptying all the book cases in the house. You've taken a liking to the toilet, although we wish you wouldn't and you love CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING. 

When I look at my sweet girl I feel nothing but such proud mama happiness. Though it flew by, it has been a year of SO MUCH GROWTH and so much learning. Our family would not feel full without this little baby. I am so grateful for this growing girl. I cannot wait to ring in the new year with Olivia's first year milestone. Happy 11 months baby girl! You have completely changed our world for the better. 

Chewing on her sister's notebook... with those beautiful eyes! 

♥- Leilani

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