Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Last night Justin and I discussed the possibility of taking a trip to Washington this fall. We both miss the Pacific Northwest terribly AND we miss all of our fall festivities even more. With Ava starting pre-school, trying for baby # 3, and our college commitments.. we've got a lot on our plate. Even still, Olivia has yet to experience Spooner farms, the girls haven't seen my family since they were so much smaller, and it would be nice to ACTUALLY experience the leaves changing, the cold weather, and all things family. After taking everything into consideration this morning... we decided that we are going to take the trip! I'm literally deciding on airfare as we speak. I keep reminding myself that picking a date and traveling whenever isn't always going to be an option for us. Ava will be in school full time (before we know it), airfare prices steadily increase after the kids turn 2 years old, and the commitments of our life won't always afford us multiple vacations a year. 

That being said, I feel really good about this decision. Ava is already talking about ferry boat rides, the "big, big, building" (Space Needle) and being able to see her Mama Lee + Aunt Regina. Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) warms my heart more than watching my girls show love for their family. Also, and this is sort of high on the list of positives.. I am so excited to be taking my camera with us. I plan on doing some sort of family photos, extended family photos, and maybe some cousin photos for the kids! Being able to wander the green lush of the PNW is a definite priority for me, even if the weather doesn't fully cooperate! One thing I've grown to appreciate and miss is the outdoors back home - since we don't explore anything in our current state. 

So the official countdown has begun! Four months and a couple of weeks until we are Washington bound for a little while. How is it possible that I am already emotional about the departure? Gosh! We still have the entire summer to make memories through before fall even arrives. That's going to be my focus these next few months. Texas may not be Washington IN ANY WAY, but we are here and I am determined to make the most of our time.. now let's see if I actually stick to that! 

See you soon, Washington. 

♥- Leilani

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