Have Courage + Be Kind

Thursday, June 15, 2017
I have watched the live action Cinderella movie more times than I can even count at this point. Oh my goodness gracious. I never in my wildest dreams thought that Ava and Olivia would take to this movie the way that they have. One thing that has stuck out during the repetition is the knowledge that Ava has picked up from the film. "Have courage and be kind" is something my preschooler says multiple times a day. If you haven't seen the live action Cinderella movie, let me fill you in. In the beginning of the film, Cinderella's mother is shown on her death bed. Her request from her daughter, the promise she wanted her daughter to make, was that she would always have courage and be kind. Cinderella always upholds her promise, even in the most bleak situations. Ava tells me she likes that a lot (as do i). With that message in mind, I've watched my daughter do some pretty amazing things. 

Saying hello to everyone - even if not everyone says hello back. Opening doors, sharing more, and doing things just because (giving out all the compliments). I'm literally watching the magic of Disney unfold right before my eyes. When I ask Ava why she chooses to do the things she's doing... her response? Have courage and be kind mom. When I ask if she's nervous about preschool this summer... her response? Have courage mom. When she hears me giving her daddy a rough time about the basketball finals... her response? Be kind mom. My sweet girl understands the very meaning behind the promise that Cinderella made. Even if it is just a movie, the message was delivered and it seems as if our home is better for it. 

My mama heart is just so proud. Our children learn right from wrong at a pretty early age and it is always our hope (at least mine) that they continue to make good choices. I've been so stressed about sending my child to preschool this summer. I mean, for a little bit of her day - mom won't be there to guide her. I think this entire Cinderella ordeal made me realize that our child is SO good. Ava makes so many good choices and she knows whats right from wrong. Sure there will be mistakes and bad choices made throughout her growth... it just makes me feel good knowing that I am apart of putting something spectacular into the universe and that our daughter understands the right from the wrong. 

♥- Leilani

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