Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 17 months old

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
The weeks are starting to rapidly pass by as we've welcomed summer in this week and I can't help but feel a sense of sadness. Yesterday I just sat and relished in my tiny tot as she is. Her hair is longer, her eyes even more green, and her understanding of the world has become so vast - even more than before. Before we know it Olivia will be two years old. I know that's still over half a year away, but still. If these next few months go by anything like the last few, her birthday will be here before we know it. 

New Things: We have noticed that Olivia has taken quite the interest in television. I mean, she's always shown an interest in Moana... but now, it's more of her big sister's shows. She likes Sofia the first, the movie trolls, and Elena of Avalor. I remember just a month ago, our sweet girl really didn't still enough to watch a movie or show. These days if you walk into our living room Ava and Olivia are cuddled on the couch watching a show. Tantrums are still seldom, but when they do happen - Livy bean brings out all the dramatics. She will roll over and over on the ground with little tears in her eyes when she hears the word "no" or "that's not nice" (I teeter between laughing and wanting to comfort her during her meltdowns). 

Milestones: Language! Hands down this has been the biggest development and milestone this past month. Olivia can say: Bye bye, dada, mama, nana, thank you, sissy, cheese, water, and puppy. Her receptive abilities (per usual) continue to blow us away but it's awesome to watch the vocal developments come full force. Big sister Ava constantly helps her sister with sounds and words, and describing what things are. Another milestone this past month is running. Olivia tries to run everywhere! While she still experiences falls and such, she's getting so much better about being able to run and hold her own. 

Changes: Our little one loves to be in the nude. Whenever she has a diaper on without clothes, the diaper comes right off. This initially just started when she heard the words "bath time" but now if she doesn't have clothes preventing her from taking her diaper off, she's naked! Olivia's exploration has also taken off. She doesn't always look for mom and dad to guide her in new places - she ventures and explores! 

♥- Leilani

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