The Two Week Window

Monday, June 26, 2017
The last nine days have quite possibly been the longest days I've had in quite some time. It was nine days ago that Justin administered the trigger shot. It was nine days ago that I ovulated and released at least one mature follicle. Now, we wait. We wait until one of two things occur. 1) Aunt Flo rears her ugly head and sends us back to the drawing board OR 2) parallel pink lines appear on a home pregnancy test and our prayers and dreams are answered once more. So, here I sit, googling every single baby center response to all the symptoms possible for those nine days past ovulation. I don't know why women do this to themselves. I mean, seriously. We know that the outcome will arrive within the next 14 days... but we still, with hope in our hearts, search for others currently experiencing the same situations as us for support.

I made the mistake of taking pregnancy tests early in the week. I took a test last Friday, which of course it was positive (thank you lingering novarel). I took a test on Saturday and got a lighter test line (I was actually both relieved but also bummed that the line had lightened), and I took on test on Sunday which showed a positive as well (darker than Saturday). I now have found myself in this "testing out the trigger" game with pregnancy tests and it is complete torture. Again, I don't know why we do these things to ourselves. The line sometimes appears to be lighter.. but then when I take another test later in the day - the test is darker. I know the concentration of urine can vary each time you use the restroom... and i do believe that's the first time I've referenced the concentration of urine. See, I told you this two week window is torture. 

Even still, I can't help but keep hope alive with every twinge, every cramp, and every potential sign that could lead us to another beautiful baby to love. I keep thinking back on the two week windows I had with both of my girls and I'm not quite sure either of those was nearly as nerve wrecking as this one has been. Perhaps its because we've been mentally prepared for another baby since the beginning of February? Maybe it's because we had a failed cycle in May? Whatever the reason, I'm just praying that this is the month we are able to say that our sweet little family is growing. 

♥- Leilani

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