Wednesday, July 12, 2017
I walked into my OB appointment shaking, scared, and expecting the absolute worst news of my life. The last two weeks have been hell and saturated with worry and fear - I was just there to confirm that my suspicions were correct. Sitting in the waiting room was the longest wait of my life. It felt like time was going by so slowly and I was just left to sit and continue to rack my brain of all the reasons why this pregnancy failed. When they called my name back I started shaking again. I love Debbie, the ultrasound tech. She ushered me back and started some casual conversation like always. She had no idea that I was there for a scan pertaining to pregnancy. Apparently she thought it was just a gyno visit. I made sure to rush and get prepped so she could start the ultrasound immediately. 

About a minute into the transvaginal ultrasound - Debbie shows me the screen. There was a BABY in my uterus! I immediately started bawling. Thank you JESUS! Debbie continued the scan and no more than a minute later she turned the screen to me again and says, "Oh, Mama! Here's another baby!" WOAH. At this point I cannot control the amount of tears running down my face. One healthy baby was a dream... two babies in my uterus was... it was just.. more than we could have ever hoped for! I could not contain my shaking, tears, or loud sobs of joy. Everything after that moment was a little blurry. I remember Debbie going over the measurements of Baby A and Baby B and they were measuring about three days apart - but also exactly right on based on my ovulation date. 

Debbie printed out photos for me and a sheet of the measurements from the ultrasound. I had a hard time walking back to the waiting room. In fact, Debbie was holding my arm and sat me down in the waiting room. I was in complete shock. She got me some water and I sat there and waited to be called back to see the midwife. I remember calling Justin almost immediately and then sending him the picture while we were on the phone. I asked him to look at his phone and when he did:

Justin: Baby A and Baby B? Twins? We are having twins?!
ME: Yes, babe. Twins! 

He was over the moon. I could not believe it.

♥- Leilani

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