Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 18 months

Friday, July 21, 2017
My sweet little Livy Bean is officially a year and a half. It is completely crazy writing that sentence. It doesn't feel like we are now closer to having a two year old than having a one year old. The growth, changes, and personality in our sweet cherub has emerged so quickly and so intensely. Olivia's personality has so many differences from her big sister and as we watch her grow - we are also able to catch a glimpse of her strong willed nature, her sweet and loving demeanor, and her go getter mentality. This blazing summer heat hasn't kept our girl down, in fact, it's been the exact opposite. Olivia has been sliding down the slippery summer slides, playing water guns, and dashing through water parks. She dove right into her first swimming pool (of course daddy was right there to catch her), she has no fear of the icky summer bugs that make her mama shriek, and she enjoys the sunshine SO much! 

New Things: I think the tantrums have most definitely increased over the last month. When Olivia doesn't get her way she lets the entire house know she's unhappy about it. Watching our sweet girl sit down and color with intention - that has been so fun! She loves coloring characters and the amount of scribbles have decreased.

Milestones: I would most definitely say that her language and receptive ability continue to progress - QUICKLY. I wrote about this last month, but seriously. She is non stop always chit chatting, singing, and talking. Also her physical ability is jetting off as well. She's running longer distances without stumbles or falls, and she's able to climb ALL the things with ease (not a fan). 

Changes: Our little angel is cutting her first set of molars. We could instantly tell something was up because Olivia's eating habits changed, her bowel movements became more frequent, and overall she's been a lot more grouchy than usual. Olivia has been grabbing at the potty quite a bit. This is still extremely early for us to think about potty training, but if she is ready - I don't want to hold our girl back. I've also noticed that Olivia is far more willing to be comforted and consoled by her daddy more now than ever before. She's always been a daddy's girl and a mama's girl but now.. it seems as though daddy is her favorite lately.

♥- Leilani

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