Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 19 months old

Monday, July 24, 2017
This update on my girl is coming late. Things have been so crazy busy for us this past month. With baby number three on the way, our eldest starting preschool, and Miss Olivia growing like a weed - our hands have most definitely been full. I'd say this month has been full of adjustments for Olivia. Her best gal leaves for a few hours during the day for school and its just so foreign for her. At first we'd notice Olivia would get really upset when Ava walked through the front door to leave- now its just become part of our routine. Sometimes Olivia wants to walk her sister to the car, other times she wants to eat a cereal bar while watching her favorite show. School aged kids change the dynamic of the day and that most certainly is the case for our family. A definite positive is the one on one time Olivia gets with both her daddy and I. Morning hang outs have become a thing for daddy and his Livy bean. I also get to indulge in solo dates or morning outings with one of my best girls.

New Things: Olivia is waking up at 630 am EVERY SINGLE day just like her sister and I. I didn't expect her sleeping schedule to change just because ours did... but it happened. On top of new sleep schedules we have new bathing schedules, eating schedules... you get the picture. Something else that happened over the last month was lovies. Olivia goes to sleep with a stuffed animal tucked underneath her arm - that has literally never happened before. Her interests have expanded and I can remember everything about this phase from experiencing it with her big sister. 

Milestones: Awareness? If that's even the right word. Watching Olivia understand things like.. oh it's raining outside? I need an umbrella. Oh my food is super hot? Let me blow on it so it can cool down. We've noticed that the awareness has increased tremendously and it is a constant reminder of the smart little girl we have on our hands. 


♥- Leilani

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